22 August 2014

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11:02 PMRush - You Spin Me Round  : Rush and Alex plan a guys' weekend at a medical conference; Rush's encounters his ex.
12:03 AMSatisfaction - ...Through Exposure  : Neil receives an unusual proposition; Adriana tries to learn more about Neil's home life.
1:03 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Torch: Detective Stabler's former partner is put on the case when two young sisters are killed in a fire.
2:03 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Runaway: A distraught officer acts above the law in a search for his runaway daughter.
3:02 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Folly: A male escort (Eddie Cahill) is assaulted while at a hotel for a rendezvous with an older woman.
4:00 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Tortured: Detectives Benson and Stabler look for a killer with a foot fetish.
5:00 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - A Single Life: Benson and Stabler unearth several suspects in the case of a woman who fell to her death.
6:00 AMWhite Collar - Family Business: Peter and Neal search for the truth about Neal's father's crime; Neal goes undercover.
7:00 AMWhite Collar - Brass Tacks: Peter and Neal investigate Senator Pratt's involvement with corrupt cops.
8:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Targets of Obsession: Langston testifies against a notorious killer; Nick gets a call telling him he is in danger.
9:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead: The CSIs are on alert when two men initially pronounced dead come back to life.
10:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - The List: When a convicted ex-cop is brutally murdered, the team makes a discovery in his prison cell.
11:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Hitting for the Cycle: A series of deaths includes a man found dead on his couch and a man found in a pool.
12:00 PMNCIS - Reveille: Gibbs comes face to face with the Bete Noir terrorist who had wounded him.
1:00 PMNCIS - See No Evil: The wife and 9-year-old blind daughter of a Navy captain are kidnapped from their home.
2:00 PMNCIS - The Bone Yard: Gibbs' partner, agent Fornell, is accused of aiding the Mafia.
3:00 PMNCIS - Terminal Leave: The NCIS team's assignment is to protect an Iraqi War veteran being targeted by terrorists.
4:00 PMNCIS - Call of Silence: A World War II veteran confesses to the murder of his best friend.
5:00 PMGood Luck Chuck: A cursed dentist learns that each of his former lovers finds true love with the man she meets next.
7:00 PMNo Strings Attached: Two lifelong friends try not to let sex ruin their relationship.
9:00 PMModern Family - Dance Dance Revelation: Luke and Manny have their first school dance; Jay and Phil take Luke and Manny on a mall run.
9:30 PMModern Family - Lifetime Supply: When Phil misses a call from his doctor with test results, he immediately assumes the worst.
10:00 PMModern Family - Strangers on a Treadmill: Claire and Mitchell try to spare their significant others from embarrassment.
10:30 PMModern Family - Game Changer: The release of a product Phil wants coincides with his birthday; Mitchell wants to toughen up.
11:00 PMModern Family - Disneyland: When the family travels to Disneyland, Claire is stunned when they run into Dylan.
11:30 PMModern Family - Mistery Date: When Phil gets the house to himself for the weekend, he decides to host a guys' night.