24 July 2017

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10:15 PMThe Revenant: Vengeful fur trapper Hugh Glass tracks down the man who killed his young son and left him for dead.
12:55 AMChanging Lanes: An attorney and a recovering alcoholic have a car accident which escalates into an ongoing feud.
2:35 AMLive Free or Die Hard: A digital villain attacks the computer infrastructure of the United States.
4:45 AMThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: A human and his alien friend begin an interstellar journey. Based on the book by Douglas Adams.
6:35 AMRomancing the Stone: A mousy novelist goes to Colombia for her sister and joins a mercenary on a treasure hunt.
8:25 AMFlight of the Phoenix: A group of people struggles to survive after a sandstorm causes their plane to crash in a desert.
10:20 AMI Am Legend: Vampires created by a man-made plague surround a lone survivor as he searches for a cure.
12:00 PMAlien: Directors Cut: A merciless horror stalks the crew of a deep-space freighter.
2:00 PMMorgan: Scientists at a secret facility find themselves in a lockdown with a violent bioengineered child.
3:35 PMHereafter: Three people set out on a search for the truth after death touches their lives in different ways.
5:45 PMRace: Track and field superstar Jesse Owens overcomes racism to compete for Olympic glory in 1936 Berlin.
8:00 PMRole Models: Two wild guys become mentors to two impressionable youths.
9:40 PMBachelor Party: Hookers, a mule and a suicidal friend show up at the bash for a school-bus driver getting married.
11:30 PMThe Signal: Three friends believe they've tracked a rival computer hacker to a shed in the Nevada desert.