23 September 2017

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10:15 PMA Night at the Opera: Groucho, Chico and Harpo go to Italy and bring opera and its patrons down to their level.
12:00 AMThis Is Spinal Tap: A filmmaker records the demise of a fictitious band of aging metalheads in a mock rockumentary.
1:45 AMModern Times: Bolt tightener falls in love in Machine Age.
3:30 AMTo Be or Not to Be: Husband-and-wife troupers must act fast to fool Nazis in Poland.
5:15 AMMGM Parade: MGM history; Cyd Charisse; host George Murphy.
6:00 AMZombies on Broadway: Two press agents stock a New York nightclub with a mad West Indian doctor's walking dead.
7:30 AMThe Mysterious Doctor: British villagers stop mining World War II tin, because of a headless ghost.
8:30 AMThe Unsuspected: The narrator of a murder-mystery radio show is a killer, but his niece would never know it.
10:30 AMBoston Blackie's Chinese Venture: Ex-thief Blackie and his sidekick must solve a Chinatown murder.
11:45 AMBilly Budd: Melville's sailor hero opposes Claggart, the cruel master-at-arms.
2:00 PMThe Nanny: A bratty British boy accuses his frumpy nanny of awful things.
3:45 PMThe Omega Man: Led by a former TV newscaster, light-sensitive mutants stalk the last normal man on Earth.
5:30 PMBound for Glory: Folk singer Woody Guthrie tours Depression-era work camps and spreads his word by radio.
8:00 PMThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre: Three unlucky Americans seek gold in Mexico, agreeing beforehand to split it equally.
10:30 PMThe War Wagon: An ex-convict and his partner eye an armored stagecoach fitted with a Gatling gun and full of gold.