25 March 2017

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11:00 PMA Haunting - Face of Evil: After visiting a haunted plantation, a woman and her daughters encounter a phantom.
12:00 AMGhost Brothers - Winchester Mystery House  : Investigating the maze-like home of the heir to the Winchester Rifle fortune.
1:00 AMA Haunting - Bewitched: A family's lives are at stake while they battle an evil entity sent to tear a young couple apart.
2:00 AMA Haunting - Mother's Terror: Jeanette buys a fixer-upper home, but renovations reveal evidence of evil doings.
3:00 AMFour Weddings - ... and a Frog Dance  : Gothic wedding decor; pastel peonies; an elegant ballroom; sunset vows.
4:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And a Rally Towel  : Shannon's son is the focal point of her vows at her wedding and Medina shares interfaith traditions.
5:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And a Wild Goose  : A show-stopping wedding; a rock & roll wedding; a fairytale wedding; a rustic wedding.
6:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And Potato Chips and Onion Dip  : A samba-dancing troupe; scaled back; by the book wedding; sexy dress.
7:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And Fireworks  : Lavish wedding complete with an 8-piece orchestra and a fireworks display; traditional event.
8:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And a Fire Ant Attack  : A free-spirit; planned down to the minute; a milk and cookies bar; a hip hop reception.
9:00 AMFour Weddings - ... And a Water Ski Show  : Barefoot and laid back beachfront nuptials; traditional African attire; a water ski show.
10:00 AMFour Weddings - ... and Bling-Blau  : A forest of artificial trees; garden-grown sunflowers; a flashy 4-carat ring; a country-chic affair.
11:00 AMFour Weddings - ... and a Power Outage  : A crystal bouquet; a memorial butterfly release; Halloween decor; food stations and cupcakes.
12:00 PMFour Weddings - ...and a Talking Orchid  : Barefoot Kim strolls down a burlap aisle at her wedding; Jessica ties the knot at a yacht club.
1:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Race Against Time: Amy is on the hunt for her dream dress; Edwina has only three months before her wedding.
1:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - What's My Style: Farrah doesn't seem to know what she wants; Stephanie's style is vintage glam.
2:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Big Budget Brides: Monisha is looking for a dress for her three ceremonies; Mary has a budget to buy two dresses.
2:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Not Your Mama's Dress: Krystle shares the spotlight with her mom; Afrodite and her mother have never agreed about fashion.
3:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Worth the Weight: Looking for the right dress to show off a new figure; excited to fit into dress samples.
3:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Sister, Sister: Katie is convinced to ditch her jeans and cowboy boots; Courtney's looking for a flashy ball gown.
4:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Expecting Brides: A dress that will make the bride look hot; a dress for a wedding just eight weeks away.
4:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - NFL Brides: Holly Robinson Peete; Devon is with her fiance, Duane Brown; Taya is engaged to Adam Koets.
5:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Red She Said: Saying ''I do'' in red; opposite of traditional; a gown the guests will always remember.
5:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Til Dress Do Us Part: A bride who lost 100 pounds wants to show off her figure; a traditional gown for a vow renewal.
6:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - More Money, More Problems: Lauren recently eloped and wants a sexy dress for her reception; money is no object for Aleshia.
6:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Brotherly Love: Searching for a $14,000 Pnina dress no one can find; a brides two NFL star brothers.
7:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - I Want My Daughter to Look Like a Sexpot: Randy's mom visits for her 93rd birthday; Courtney's appointment gets hijacked by her mother.
8:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Love is Love: Transgender bride Gabrielle hopes to find a dress that rivals her fierce drag queen gowns.
10:04 PMFour Weddings - ... and a Fast Food Diet  : Garden nuptials; a rockabilly beach party; splurging on wine; chicken fingers and fries.
11:04 PMSay Yes to the Dress - Love is Love: Transgender bride Gabrielle hopes to find a dress that rivals her fierce drag queen gowns.