29 May 2017

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10:30 PMOperation Pacific: A U.S. submarine commander alienates his crew and ex-wife, then takes on the Japanese fleet.
12:30 AMThe Enemy Below: The captain of a U.S. destroyer escort matches wits with a U-boat captain in the North Atlantic.
2:30 AMUp Periscope: Sub commander drops off, waits for Navy frogman on mission.
4:30 AMTorpedo Run: A Navy submarine commander and his buddy chase a Japanese aircraft carrier to blame for a tragedy.
6:15 AMTiger Shark: A Portuguese tuna fisherman catches his bride with his first mate.
7:45 AMBringing Up Baby: A paleontologist meets an heiress with a pet leopard.
9:45 AMTo Have and Have Not: A boat skipper flirts with a singer and fools Nazis on the island of Martinique.
11:30 AMThe Big Sleep: Raymond Chandler's private eye Philip Marlowe follows two wealthy sisters through a maze of murders.
1:30 PMThe Thing From Another World: Arctic scientists find an alien that feeds on blood.
3:00 PMThe Big Sky: Kentucky mountain men join an 1830 keelboat expedition through Indian country.
5:30 PMRio Bravo: A Texas sheriff and his deputies try to hold a cattle baron's brother in jail.
8:00 PMIt Started in Naples: A Philadelphia lawyer goes to Italy to wrest his orphan nephew from a stripper aunt.
10:00 PMMogambo: A chorus girl and a married woman fight over a white hunter in Africa.