25 August 2016

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11:00 PMProperty Brothers - More Time for Family  : Tom, Bridget and their two sons search for their dream home in a pricey neighborhood.
12:00 AMProperty Brothers: Buying & Selling - Room to Grow  : Kim and Pete want to move out of their split-level home and into something more family-friendly.
1:00 AMHouse Hunters - Newly Engaged Couple Disagree on First Home in Framingham, Mass.: A newly engaged couple searches for a home in Framingham, Mass., that they can make their own.
1:30 AMHouse Hunters International - Two City Kids Retreat to Bariloche, Argentina: A rapper wants to move to Bariloche, Argentina, with his girlfriend.
2:00 AMProperty Brothers - More Time for Family  : Tom, Bridget and their two sons search for their dream home in a pricey neighborhood.
3:00 AMProperty Brothers - A Suburban Home All on Their Own  : A couple who will soon be married wants to move out of their parents' homes.
4:00 AM5 Makeup Tips 4 Older Women!: Airbrushed makeup made easy!
4:30 AMBISSELL Pet Hair Eraser! New!: Got a pet? The new BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser(R) has what you need to eliminate pet hair and odors.
5:00 AMRegrow Hair With The Number 1 Clinically Proven System For Women: Number 1 hair regrowth system exclusively for women. Clinically proven ingredients for fuller hair.
5:30 AMCreate an Unlimited Wardrobe on a Limited Budget: Gwynnie Bee is an online women's clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. 30-day free trial!
6:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:30 AMSaving America - Main Street Gem in Georgia  : A family in Thomasville, Ga., wants to quickly finish a delayed renovation of its historic home.
7:00 AMSaving America - Main Street Log Cabin Reno  : A couple in Dothan, Ala., tries to get its pre-Civil War log cabin ready before its baby arrives.
7:30 AMMinnesota Salvage - Junkin' at the Flea and Barn  : Heather hunts for worn out pieces of furniture at a local flea market and an abandoned barn.
8:00 AMLove It or List It - Allison & Robert  : No main floor living space in a small house.
9:00 AMLove It or List It - Kelly & Robin  : Kelly and Robin need an expansion for their growing family.
10:00 AMLove It or List It - Kelly & Eric  : A couple must decide whether or not to sell the house they have been fixing up for years.
11:00 AMLove It or List It: David and Hilary help fed-up homeowners decide whether to live with renovations or move.
12:00 PMFlip or Flop - Freeway Flip  : Tarek and Christina find a well-priced fixer upper in Anaheim, Calif.
12:30 PMFlip or Flop - Hard Money Blues  : A listing in an upscale neighborhood will require cosmetic updating.
1:00 PMFlip or Flop - A Pig in a Poke  : Tarek and Christina invest in a trust sale in Fullerton, Calif.
1:30 PMFlip or Flop - No Risk, No Reward  : Tarek and Christina take the plunge with an Anaheim, Calif., trust sale property.
2:00 PMFlip or Flop - Loud, Louder, Loudest  : A dated house on a busy street in Hawthorne needs work.
2:30 PMFlip or Flop - Big Money Flip  : An out-of-state seller wants to sell an old family home and it has potential to be a great flip.
3:00 PMFlip or Flop - Abandoned Flip  : A short sale could prove to be a promising investment but the renovations are incomplete.
3:30 PMFlip or Flop - Flipper vs. Flipper  : A short sale listing in an upscale neighborhood.
4:00 PMFlip or Flop - Pipe Dreams  : Tarek and Christina find a property in Garden Grove, Calif., that needs only cosmetic repairs.
4:30 PMFlip or Flop - Breaking Up  : A potentially bad buy will need a lot of work to clear up known issues.
5:00 PMFlip or Flop - Boxed in Flip  : Tarek and Christina find a house in Fullerton, Calif., that is in a good neighborhood.
5:30 PMFlip or Flop - Abort Flip  : Tarek and Christina must decide on a purchase based on what they can see from their car.
6:00 PMFlip or Flop - A Family Friendly Flip  : Tarek and Christina help a friend and novice flipper get his family home ready for sale.
6:30 PMFlip or Flop - Big Lot, Little Flip  : Tarek and Christina find a small, rundown listing on a large lot with a low asking price.
7:00 PMFlip or Flop - Cracked Flip  : Tarek and Christina do not have much time to perform an inspection.
7:30 PMFlip or Flop - Million Dollar Flip  : A large home in the upscale neighborhood of Yorba Linda, Calif.
8:00 PMFlip or Flop - Communal Flip  : Tarek and Christina flip the worst home in an Anaheim Hills neighborhood.
8:30 PMFlip or Flop - New Flips, Familiar Faces  : Tarek gets help from Pete DeBest on a flip in a run-down house in Corona, Calif.
9:00 PMFlip or Flop - Beachside Beauty  : Tarek and Christina find a house that is miles from the ocean, with a small, tiered yard.
9:30 PMFlip or Flop - Dilapidated Flip  : Tarek and Christina find a property in Santa Ana, Calif., that could be a great family home.
10:00 PMHouse Hunters - Family of Five Seek Larger Home in Tampa: A couple and their sons want to find a larger house closer to family in Tampa Bay, Fla.
10:30 PMHouse Hunters International - Texans Upgrade Their Lifestyle in Tulum, Mexico: Lifelong Texans want to make a move to Tulum, Mexico, a village known for its majestic Mayan ruins.
11:00 PMDesert Flippers - Squatters and Scorpions  : After buying a house without seeing it, they discover the dwelling damaged by squatters.
11:30 PMFlip or Flop - Thrifty vs. Glitzy  : Tarek is ready to move quickly with a friend on a cosmetic updating, easy flip.