16 August 2017

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10:00 PMGeorgia Rule: A woman sends her incorrigible daughter to live with the family's stern matriarch in Idaho.
12:00 AMSteve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge - Fighters Chance  : Eight tough competitors attempt to get through Trench Warfare, Pole Dancer and Chain Gang.
1:00 AMSteve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge - A Frog's Hair Away  : Eight male athletes compete in Summit, High & Dry and Cranked for a chance to win $10,000.
2:00 AMSteve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge - High and Dry  : Eight new female competitors try and prove they are the toughest badass in the country.
3:00 AMShow More Skin & Love the Way You Look: Women reveal how they went from crepey to incredible. See the transformations! www.CrepeErase.com.
3:30 AMTry Total Gym for $14.95: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment you need to get into the best shape.
4:00 AMRaising Hope - Para-Natesville Activity: Virginia questions her beliefs when a ghost appears in their house.
4:30 AMRaising Hope - Man's Best Friend: Sabrina thinks Burt and Virginia should adopt a dog, but they are turned down at the pound.
5:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
6:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
7:00 AMThrowback Thursday
8:00 AMThrowback Thursday
9:00 AMRoseanne - Becky Howser, M.D.: Becky considers making changes to her life after telling Roseanne how unhappy she is.
9:30 AMRoseanne - Out of the Past: Roseanne and Jackie reminisce with Nana Mary (Shelley Winters).
10:00 AMRoseanne - Construction Junction: Dan weighs a business opportunity; Jackie fears her new computer.
10:30 AMRoseanne - We're Going to Disney World: Roseanne plans to use Dan's severance check to take the family to Walt Disney World.
11:00 AMRoseanne - Disney World War II: Walt Disney World has a profound effect on Roseanne's usually complaining brood.
11:30 AMRoseanne - Springtime for David: David leaves the Conner household to work and live at a bizarre amusement park.
12:00 PMRoseanne - Another Mouth to Shut Up: Roseanne and Dan are shocked and have very different reactions to Darlene and David's big news.
12:30 PMRoseanne - Morning Becomes Obnoxious: A television news reporter interviews Roseanne in the street.
1:00 PMReba - Happy Pills: Barbra Jean comes to Reba for advice when she suspects that Brock is cheating on her.
1:30 PMReba - Girls' Night Out: Reba and Barbra Jean have a bar brawl during Cheyenne's birthday night out.
2:00 PMReba - Core Focus: Barbra Jean enlists Reba's help to break the news to Brock that she wants another baby.
2:30 PMReba - The Accidental Role Model: Reba is put in the middle of Brock and Barbara Jean's marital woes.
3:00 PMReba - Mother's Intuition: Reba learns that lonely Barbra Jean is monopolizing all of Kyra's time.
3:30 PMReba - The Two Girl Theory: Barbra Jean convinces Reba to go clubbing; Van explains the birds and the bees to Jake.
4:00 PMReba - Van's Agent: Van accidentally ``outs'' his mother-in-law while wooing a gay sports agent.
4:30 PMReba - Surprise: Reba and Cheyenne throw a surprise party in honor of Van's new arena football contract.
5:00 PMLast Man Standing - Rediscover America: Ed's girlfriend impacts Mike and Ed's longtime friendship; Eve feels the pressure of her new role.
5:30 PMLast Man Standing - Sinkhole: After having a close call with a sinkhole on the interstate, Boyd becomes scared to leave the house.
6:00 PMLast Man Standing - School Merger: Chuck and Mike debate the merits of an inner city school merging one in an upscale neighborhood.
6:30 PMLast Man Standing - Mike Advises Mandy: Mike gives Mandy business advice, but she decides to do things her own way.
7:00 PMLast Man Standing - Big Shots: Mike is caught in the middle when it's discovered that Boyd missed an important vaccination.
7:30 PMLast Man Standing - Risky Behavior: Mindy worries about Kyle's safety after he gets in an accident; Ed makes an unexpected announcement.
8:00 PMLast Man Standing - Changing Light Bulbs: Mike discovers Vanessa has given away the last of his incandescent light bulbs.
8:30 PMLast Man Standing - Outdoor Man Grill: Mike is inspired to follow his dream to open a fish and game restaurant.
9:00 PMLast Man Standing - Wedding Planning: Mike offers Kristin and Ryan a cash gift to put toward their wedding.
9:30 PMLast Man Standing - Helen Potts: Mike has a confrontation with his neighbor over her noisy projects.
10:00 PMDallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team - Finals: The veterans finally enter the audition process; all 83 women are judged head to head.
11:00 PMI Love Kellie Pickler - I Love The ACM's  : Kellie has been invited to present an award; Kellie writes and records a new song.
11:30 PMDallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team - Finals: The veterans finally enter the audition process; all 83 women are judged head to head.