28 May 2017

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11:00 PMLockup: Cincinnati- Extended Stay - Snitch-innati  : Stash of contraband found; couple charged with robbery and murder.
12:00 AMLockup: Louisville- Extended Stay - Miss Fortune  : A troubled inmate tries to make an impression on the staff; an inmate faces life without her child.
1:00 AMLockup: Louisville- Extended Stay - Lightning Voltz  : Behind the bars of the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections Jail.
2:00 AMLockup: Raw - Consequences: No escaping the consequences of one's actions behind bars.
3:00 AMLockup: Raw - SEG: Solitary confinement is one of the most common methods for disciplining inmates.
4:00 AMMeet the Press: A moderator interviews a leading public figure.
5:00 AMFirst Look
6:00 AMMSNBC Live
7:00 AMMeet the Press: A moderator interviews a leading public figure.
8:00 AMMSNBC Live
9:00 AMMSNBC Live
10:00 AMMSNBC Live
11:00 AMMSNBC Live
12:00 PMMeet the Press: A moderator interviews a leading public figure.
1:00 PMMSNBC Live
2:00 PMMSNBC Live
3:00 PMThe Greatest Generation: Host Tom Brokaw discusses the generation that participated in World War II.
4:00 PMDateline Extra - The Hometown Hero & the Homecoming Queen  : After a woman reports a prowler, police find her husband dead in their backyard.
5:00 PMLockup: Long Island- Extended Stay - Red and Whites  : A group of prisoners entrusted with weapons; an inmate brawl results in several injured officers.
6:00 PMLockup: Long Island- Extended Stay - No More Franks And Beans  : An accused rapist gets into more trouble in jail; a female inmate attacks another during church.
7:00 PMLockup: Long Island- Extended Stay - Blue Balloons  : Stories of a couple don't add up; a contraband smuggler returns; a visitor gets placed under arrest.
8:00 PMLockup: New Jersey- Extended Stay - Smoking Gun  : A shootout leaves a paroled inmate hospitalized; inmate explains her arrival as a hair salon mishap.
9:00 PMLockup: New Jersey- Extended Stay - Going Postal  : A new inmate is targeted for violence; a drug smuggling scheme is uncovered.
10:00 PMLockup: New Jersey- Extended Stay - God Is Not Here  : A familiar face tries to escape the jail's revolving door; a convicted murderer stands trial.
11:00 PMLockup: Grand Rapids- Extended Stay - The Gamble  : An inmate with a big personality faces another problem; four inmates enter the system.