20 December 2014

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  • Ocean Mysteries With Jeff Corwin
    The Australian Zoo and Veterinary Hospital founded by Steve Irwin and his family;…
  • Sea Rescue
    A one-eyed sea lion; two …
  • The Wildlife Docs
    A penguin chick …
  • Outback Adventures With Tim Faulkner
    Platypus; a rogue crocodile;…
  • Born to Explore
    Wild camels; …
  • Local Programming
  • Recipe Rehab
    The chefs try to cut the …
  • All In With Laila Ali
    Trials …
  • Game Changers With Kevin Frazier
    Kevin goes to Barcelona, Spain, to chat with Lionel Messi; Jimmie Johnson; a day …
  • Lucky Dog
    A retired man adopts a 1-year-…
  • Road to the Final Four
  • College Basketball  »
  • All-out quest in …
  • Rock the Park
    Animals in the Olympic …
  • Reluctantly Healthy
    Judy …
  • State to State
    Northern New England; …
  • The Coolest Places on Earth
    Knowing where to go, how to get there and what to …
  • Three Christmas spirits take miserly Ebenezer Scrooge on an eye-opening journey. …
  • Extract Hidden Nutrition -Ninja Blender Duo
    Break down whole foods, ice & seeds for …
  • Wolfgang Puck's Cooking Secrets Revealed
  • Tulip Curl from Instyler!
  • The NutriBullet Rx: 2.3 horsepower makes the world's healthiest drinks
  • FOX College Hoops Tip-Off
  • College Basketball  »
  • Breaking Bald
  • Free NutriBullet offer!
    Buy …
  • Sexy Face at Any Age
    Joan …
  • Larry King Special Report
  • Larry King Special Report
  • Never Fear Power Outages
  • The Chica Show
    Adventures of Chica …
  • Tree Fu Tom
    Movement creates magic in …
  • An 8-year-old girl is caught …
  • Poppy Cat
    Animated series about Poppy Cat,…
  • English Premier League Soccer  »
  • A tuxedo gives a chauffeur extraordinary abilities.
  • Tower Heist  »
    Employees at a luxury condominium plot revenge against the Wall Street swindler who defrauded them.
  • Benched
    Nina makes a bet when she is …
  • A college-educated bee intends to sue the human race for stealing honey. Animated.
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  • «  Grudge Match
    A boxing promoter offers two rival boxers the chance to come out of retirement for …
  • Tapia
    Director Eddie Alcazar reveals the volatile drug addiction plaguing champion boxer Johnny Tapia.
  • A fugitive Secret Service agent must clear himself of murdering a colleague.
  • A pretty, popular student can't date until her rebellious older …
  • Fast & Furious 6
    Hobbs offers Dom and his crew a full pardon if they help him nab a team of mercenary drivers.
  • Escapee leads Navy SEALs to rebel …
  • «  Lee Daniels' The Butler
    A White House butler serves seven administrations in three decades of history.
  • Soon after joining the Reserves, two buddies are called to active duty in Africa.
  • A child exhibits odd behavior soon after she and her family move to a secluded woodland home.
  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist  »
    In New York, a successful Pakistani's world collapses in the wake of 9/11.
  • «  Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws
    Talking puppies must save the day when the world …
  • Santa takes the day off before Christmas.
  • Arthur Christmas  »
    Santa's youngest son undertakes an urgent Christmas mission. Animated.
  • The team investigates …
  • The team pursues a killer who targets women; Hotchner turns to an FBI cadet for …
  • The team investigates when bodies are found buried beneath the ocean floor off …
  • The son of the devil helps a top-…
  • A Confederate veteran and his part-Cherokee partner search five years for a kidnapped girl.
  • A pacifist doctor joins a Union colonel's cavalry raid in Confederate territory.
  • «  Nellyville
    Stink and Lil Shawn visit Nana at college in Chicago.
  • Nellyville
    Nelly is accidentally double booked for a speaking engagement at his school for music and a concert.
  • Nellyville
    The family visits Nelly in LA; Stink's first modeling shoot; special guests Kevin Hart.
  • «  Vanderpump Rules
    Katie …
  • Vanderpump Rules
    Lisa hires a new hostess named Vail, who immediately catches Jax's eye.
  • Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
    Abby tries to recover from her public breakdown and …
  • Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce  »
    Abby's first night alone without the kids takes a turn sending her on a wild ride through …
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  • In order to save …
  • The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol
    Visits from three ghosts help Grouchy Smurf learn to appreciate …
  • The Adventures of Tintin  »
    Young reporter Tintin acquires a model ship that contains a clue about a hidden treasure. Animated.
  • «  CMT Social
    Vote of music videos; send …
  • Hot 20 Countdown  »
    A countdown of the 20 biggest music videos and the hottest news stories in country music.
  • «  CNN Newsroom  »
    Latest on the day's top news stories with a focus on global news, trends and destinations.
  • «  truTV Top Funniest
    Broadcast …
  • truTV Top Funniest
    An elderly couple dishes out marriage advice; a science experiment doesn'…
  • truTV Top Funniest
    A mash-up of athletic feats gone wrong; some of the funniest faceplants …
  • truTV Top Funniest  »
    A grown man …
  • «  Street Outlaws
    Big Chief calls out …
  • Street Outlaws
    Big Chief sets his sights on beating Monza and Daddy Dave; Varley upgrades the …
  • Edge of Alaska
    Neil takes the final steps toward making a town-wide electrical grid; Jeremy …
  • Edge of Alaska  »
    The power grid causes …
  • I Didn't Do It
    Logan steps in as co-…
  • Girl Meets World
    When Farkle is …
  • «  Sunday NFL Countdown
    A preview …
  • College Football  »
    The Nevada Wolf Pack (7-5) travels to New Orleans to face the 8-4 Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns.
  • «  E! News Weekend
  • House of DVF
    Jealousy arises when Diane chooses one of the girls to attend the CFDA Awards.
  • House of DVF
    Candidates have to organize a luncheon to debut a new DVF line; a rivalry could ruin …
  • House of DVF  »
    An argument starts up and …
  • Trisha's Southern Kitchen
  • The Kitchen
    Creamy chicken succotash with frozen lima beans; the chefs tackle foods most people …
  • Holiday Baking Championship
    The remaining bakers are challenged to construct …
  • Rewrapped
    The chefs have just 30 minutes …
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  • Local Programming
  • «  Vacation House for Free
    A …
  • Vacation House for Free
    A family wants to find a vacation home with an open floor plan …
  • Vacation House for Free
    A couple wants a conveniently-located vacation home where they …
  • Vacation House for Free  »
    A …
  • «  No Man's Land
    Jason tries to keep his …
  • No Man's Land
    Jason returns from the desert with 200 gallons of water; Howdy tracks a set of …
  • No Man's Land
    Jason sets off on a hunt with his father; David prepares to say goodbye to his son.
  • No Man's Land  »
    Jason gets a chance to …
  • Cindy Crawford Reveals Secret to Ageless Beauty
    Cindy Crawford's supermodel secret to youthful, …
  • Arizona souvenir killer; Amish hostage murder; New York coin scam; the …
  • Holiday High School Reunion  »
    A woman develops an unexpected attraction to an old friend from school.
  • «  Melissa Harris-Perry
  • Weekends With Alex Witt  »
    Alex Witt hosts live news coverage and politics.
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  • «  Love & Other Drugs
    A pharmaceutical …
  • A woman gains custody of her late sister's children.
  • A disastrous experiment creates killer tornadoes that shoot shards of ice.
  • Liquid methane triggers a series of devastating earthquakes that threaten the planet.
  • A parolee organizes a gang to steal $150 million from three Las Vegas casinos in a single heist.
  • Danny Ocean and his gang plot revenge against a casino owner who wronged one of their own.
  • A New York hotel bellboy forgets his …
  • Carry on Nurse
    British hospital nurses try to suppress patients from the men's ward.
  • An Austrian farmer and a professor's daughter flee Nazi Germany on skis.
  • «  Mysteries at the Museum
    A …
  • Tony explores the real culture of Vienna.
  • Christmastown, USA
    The jolliest …
  • More Christmastown, USA
  • Booze Traveler  »
    Flaming moonshine, a …
  • The Backyardigans
    Un grupo de …
  • Programa Pagado
    Programa que …
  • Programa Pagado
    Programa que …
  • Dramatizando casos de personas que experimentan milagros concedidos por la Virgen de Guadalupe.
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