25 September 2016

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11:03 PMDr. Dee: Alaska Vet - Operation Baby Owl Rescue  : Dr. Dee and Ken rescue six baby owls when an eagle kills their parents; Dee's dog donates blood.
12:04 AMThe Vet Life - Hope for Hoppy  : Dr. Ross performs surgery on a pup; prickly pet; injured owl; cute litter of sick, tiny piglets.
1:05 AMThe Vet Life - Turnin' Texan  : Dr. Ross's check-up with a large pet upon his return goes awry; Dr. Blue plans a night on the town.
2:06 AMDr. Dee: Alaska Vet - Socked In & Stranded  : Dr. Dee takes her dog to a specialist in Anchorage.
3:00 AMDr. Dee: Alaska Vet - Operation Baby Owl Rescue  : Dr. Dee and Ken rescue six baby owls when an eagle kills their parents; Dee's dog donates blood.
4:00 AMThe Vet Life - The Vet Mobile  : Dr. Ross acquires a mobile medical unit for outreach; Dr. Lavigne gives a paraplegic dog new wheels.
5:00 AMThe Vet Life - Lights, Camera, Action!  : A mother dog with two puppies stuck in her uterus needs an emergency C-section; a clinic video.
6:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Teeth, Talons, Terror: A white shark crashes into a shark cage, trapping divers.
7:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Heroes and Horror: An anaconda attacks a wildlife documentarian.
8:00 AMUntamed and Uncut - Mother Nature's Nightmares: A college student becomes prey to a bull in Pamplona.
9:00 AMToo Cute! - Pint Sized: Tubby Puppies  : Bulldog Dexter out to prove himself as athletic and not lazy like his siblings; city pups rescued.
9:30 AMThe Million Dollar Duck: The history of the Federal Duck Stamp Contest, the only art competition run by the U.S. government.
11:00 AMI Shouldn't Be Alive - Climb Out of Hell: A solo hiker falls from a 20 foot cliff.
12:00 PMI Shouldn't Be Alive - Dive of Terror: A diver gets dragged out to sea.
1:00 PMI Shouldn't Be Alive - Perfect Storm: A dangerous storm threatens a helicopter rescue crew.
2:00 PMMonsters Inside Me - Vampire Parasites Attack: Life threatening parasites attack a war veteran, a PhD scientist, and a Tennessee newborn.
3:00 PMMonsters Inside Me - My Body is Rotting: Teenager's shoulder pain evolves into nightmare; monster causes woman to rot; infections cover body.
4:00 PMMonsters Inside Me - I Smell Like Death: Toothache becomes life threatening infection; woman searches for diagnosis; infection in boy's body.
5:00 PMMonsters Inside Me - The Brain Colonizer: Toddler struggles to breathe; teen's seizures and sudden blindness; 6-year old with rash and fever.
6:00 PMMonsters Inside Me - Worms Are Eating My Lungs: Horrific tales from three families below the Mason/Dixon line; man discovers worms throughout lungs.
7:00 PMMonsters Inside Me - The Eyeball Eater: Infection is eating away a college student's eyeball; mysterious infection paralyzes 6-month-old.
8:00 PMMonsters Inside Me - The Backyard Killer: Jordan stops breathing; Suzie gets rashes and nerve pain; something is eating Melissa's blood.
9:01 PMMonsters Inside Me - They Hijacked My Eyeball: Cut knee causes fatigue; rashes, difficulty breathing and memory loss after moving into new home.
10:02 PMMonsters Inside Me - An Amoeba is Eating My Brain: Two-year-old girl screaming in pain is near death; neuro-psychiatrist has multi-organ failure.
11:03 PMMonsters Inside Me - My Vacation From Hell: Man's leg torn apart by infection; 7- year-old girl becomes suicidal from brain infection.