26 March 2017

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10:00 PMHappy Gilmore: A powerful swing convinces a hockey player he can join the PGA tour.
12:05 AMJeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood: Comic Jeff Dunham performs his popular characters, including Walter and Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
1:10 AMTosh.0 - Blix the Merman: Daniel ponders the mystery of black mermaids and journeys to the center of the flat Earth debate.
1:45 AMTosh.0: Daniel discusses gun violence; makes room on his staff for some sexy new pledges.
2:10 AMKey & Peele - Concussion Quarterback: Sketches include a football player with a concussion tries to inspire; a man accuses his wife.
2:40 AMKey & Peele - Airplane Boarding: Sketches include Keegan isn't allowed to board his flight; a thug refuses to pour out his 40.
3:10 AMKey & Peele - Cool Vampires: Sketches include Freddy Wong being a creepy Asian ghost roommate.
3:40 AMKey & Peele - Malcolm Meets Martin: Sketches include showboating in front of a crowd; a traffic reporter experiences turbulence.
4:10 AMReview - Curing Homosexuality; Mile High Club  : Forrest attempts to turn a young gay man straight; Forrest makes a discovery.
4:40 AMComedy Central Presents - Chris D'Elia: Comic Chris D'Elia discusses getting lost in Hawaii and British heist movies.
5:00 AMSex Toys - 50 Percent OFF!: Adam & Eve, America's most trusted source for adult products.
5:30 AMGood Sex vs. GREAT Sex!: Boost sex drive and blood flow.
6:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:00 AMPiYo Workout!: Define your body with PiYo. Chalene Johnson's new lower-impact workout series.
7:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
8:00 AMBISSELL CrossWave All-In-One-Multi-Surface-Cleaner: The new BISSELL CrossWave All-In-One multi-surface floor cleaner quickly and effortlessly cleans.
8:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
9:00 AMThat '70s Show - The Trials of Michael Kelso: Jackie tests Kelso on his feelings about maturity, fidelity and parenting before taking him back.
9:35 AMThat '70s Show - Eric's Naughty No-No: Eric tries to enliven his and Donna's love-life; Kitty's sister (Valerie Harper) visits.
10:10 AMThat '70s Show - Holy Craps!: Kitty recruits Red and the guys to help out at a church fund-raiser; Fez breaks up with Caroline.
10:45 AMThat '70s Show - Fez Dates Donna: Fez pretends to date Donna in an effort to stop Caroline from stalking him after their breakup.
11:15 AMIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City: Mac and Dee attempt to rid neighborhood of homeless; Frank and Dennis impersonate police.
11:50 AMIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - The Gang Dances Their Asses Off: Paddy's is accidentally put up as a prize for a dance marathon; the gang must enter the competition.
12:25 PMIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Mac and Dennis Break Up: Mac and Dennis decide to spend some time apart; Chris lends his feline expertise to Dee.
1:00 PMTosh.0 - The LARPer: Tosh gives the Lightning Bolt Larper a Web redemption; reveals his new wardrobe.
1:30 PMTosh.0 - Courtroom C... Guy: Daniel organizes a focus group to prevent future racism; comic gets a web redemption.
2:00 PMTosh.0 - Force Field Master: Daniel takes a look at the worst school in America; a Web redemption.
2:30 PMTosh.0 - Gingers Have Souls: Daniel and his staff do various sports challenges; Daniel sends a suggestive picture to a stranger.
3:00 PMArcher - Jeu Mongasque: A mysterious stranger summons Malory and her intrepid ISIS agents to Monaco.
3:35 PMArcher - Sea Tunt: Part I: Cheryl's brother and his girlfriend drive her crazy as they travel into the Bermuda Triangle.
4:10 PMArcher - Sea Tunt: Part II: Archer and the ISIS crew go to an underwater sea laboratory to stop Capt. Murphy.
4:45 PMFuturama - Leela and the Genestalk: Leela discovers a secret genetic engineering facility; Leela grows tentacles.
5:20 PMFuturama - Game of Tones: The crew seeks the meaning of a strange alien melody by taking a journey into Fry's dreams.
5:50 PMFuturama - Murder on the Planet Express: The crew is trapped aboard the ship with a terrifying alien creature.
6:20 PMFuturama - Stench and Stenchibility: Dr. Zoidberg meets the love of his life; Bender performs in a deadly tap dancing competition.
6:55 PMSouth Park - Breast Cancer Show Ever: Wendy gets in trouble when she threatens to beat up Cartman after school.
7:30 PMSouth Park - Professor Chaos: Butters unleashes a sinister alter-ego after his friends reject him.
8:00 PMSouth Park - Simpsons Already Did It: The boys panic when it appears they caused a woman's death.
8:30 PMSouth Park - Member Berries: An American icon gives the National Anthem a reboot.
9:00 PMTosh.0 - Weightlifting: The world's worst weightlifters get a Web redemption; Daniel plays a round of ``Is It Racist?''
9:30 PMTosh.0 - Spoken Word Fail: Daniel helps a religious rapper reclaim his throne; there's no such thing as stupid questions.
10:00 PMTosh.0 - Sex Doll Repairman: The life of a sex-doll repairman; proof that everyone is a critic; stuck in an elevator.
10:30 PMSouth Park - Reverse Cowgirl: A tragedy occurs when one of the boys leaves the toilet seat up after using the bathroom.
11:00 PMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - John Singleton  : Director John Singleton.
11:31 PMAt Midnight With Chris Hardwick - Tournament of Champions Night 1  : Ron Funches; Moshe Kasher; Mamrie Hart.