28 December 2014

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMCops Reloaded: Police discover a badly injured suspect; an abuse suspect is arrested for using knives.
12:00 AMCops Reloaded: A suspect claims that his mug shot photo is of his twin brother; officers lasso an escaped zebra.
12:30 AMCops Reloaded: An unruly motel guest's feet trip him up during a chase with police; police are applauded.
1:00 AMCops Reloaded: Several armed men at a nearby home are arrested for assaulting people; a man in a suspicious car.
1:30 AMCops Reloaded: A man kicking out car windows; a male is arrested for attempting to steal a car.
2:00 AMWorld's Most Amazing Videos - Animals Gone Wild!: Wild animal attacks; good pets gone bad; televised pet attacks.
3:00 AMKeith Urban The Player Series Guitar & Lessons: 30 Songs in 30 Days: Music superstar Keith Urban can teach you 30 songs in 30 days with his new guitar & lesson package!
3:30 AMMario Lopez Hot Gift Idea 25: Mario Lopez reveals how he spiced up this holiday with one of the hottest gift ideas for the season.
4:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
5:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
6:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
7:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
8:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
9:00 AMHot 20 Countdown - CMT All Time Top 40: Artist's Choice: Hour 1  : Over 120 country artists voted on their favorite artists from any genre.
10:06 AMHot 20 Countdown - All Time Top 40: Artist's Choice: Hour 2  : Over 120 country artists voted on their favorite artists from any genre.
11:12 AMHot 20 Countdown - All Time Top 40: Hour 3  : Country artists voted on their favorite artists from any genre; featuring groundbreaking music.
12:18 PMHot 20 Countdown - All Time Top 40: Hour 4  : Over 120 country artists voted on their favorite artists from any genre.
1:24 PMHot 20 Countdown - All Time Top 40: Hour 5  : Country artists voted on their favorite artists; the most groundbreaking music of all-time.
2:30 PMCops Reloaded: A suspect's getaway hits a snag when his pants get caught on a fence; an emotional breakdown.
3:03 PMCops Reloaded: A car passenger runs from police while the driver pulls a disappearing act; a flashy driver.
3:36 PMCops Reloaded: A robber, still located on the premises, can't hide from the K-9 unit; a deviant is on the run.
4:09 PMCops Reloaded: A man caught urinating in public gets into a lengthy scuffle with police; car thief; a couple.
4:42 PMCops Reloaded: A criminal lectures officers on how the law works; a mother chastises her daughter; a son's drugs.
5:15 PMCops Reloaded: Edited episodes of the popular reality show feature the most-memorable criminals and car chases.
5:48 PMCops Reloaded: A male suspect proves to be immune to the effects of a tazer; vandals are tracked down.
6:21 PMCops Reloaded: A bicyclist takes off on foot and attempts to hide; police determine the identity of a human skull.
6:54 PMCops Reloaded: Three car passengers are busted for three ounces of marijuana; police resolve a feud.
7:27 PMCops Reloaded: An abandoned truck lead officers to a drunk driver; an abusive boyfriend is arrested.
7:58 PMSteve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge - Sneak Peek 3  : A sneak peek of season two.
8:00 PMCops Reloaded: A drug dealer claims to be running from gunfire, not the police; a man is busted twice.
8:33 PMCops Reloaded: A vehicle thief's run across state lines is brought to an end; officers stop a fight.
9:06 PMCops Reloaded: A bondsman hammers his way into a house to revoke a bond; stopped for carrying a BB gun.
9:39 PMCops Reloaded: A suspended license prompts a motorcyclist to flee from police; police catch a male suspect.
10:12 PMCops Reloaded: A man's grandmother scolds him for being caught carrying drugs and a gun; an abusive husband.
10:45 PMCops Reloaded: A suspect tests his swimming skills while evading police; a driver gives chase and crashes.
11:18 PMCops Reloaded: A suicidal man's plan to have police shoot him backfires; a driver begs to speak to her lawyer.
11:51 PMCops Reloaded: A drug dealer swallows incriminating evidence; a woman is questioned for spraying mace.