26 June 2017

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11:01 PMRiver Monsters - Jungle Terminator: Wade teams up with a local tribe to solve three mysterious deaths in three countries.
12:01 AMExpedition Mungo - Cold Blooded Peruvian Predator  : A 150-foot long super snake known as the Yacumama attacks and kills people in Peru.
1:01 AMRiver Monsters - Alaska's Cold Water Killer: A recent fatal incident in the Alaskan wilderness sends Jeremy on a quest for possible suspects.
2:01 AMRiver Monsters - Colombian Slasher: Jeremy investigates the circumstances of a bride's death in the Colombian Amazon.
3:00 AMRiver Monsters - Electric Executioner: Jeremy Wade is in Brazil, searching for a river monster that has killed three cowboys.
4:00 AMRiver Monsters - Jungle Killer: Jeremy Wade sets out for South America to find a monster.
5:00 AMFighting Tuna - Cape Cod Bay  : The captains venture out into Cape Cod Bay; Paulie and Donnie compete with newcomer Anthony.
6:00 AMThe Crocodile Hunter - Big Croc Diaries: The challenges of caring for more than 150 crocodiles at Australia Zoo.
7:00 AMPets 101 - Little Pets: Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Geckos, Rabbits, Parrots, and Ferrets  : Hamsters; guinea pigs; geckos; rabbits; parrots and ferrets.
8:00 AMToo Cute! - Rainbow Colored Kittens  : Litter of Maine Coon kitties; quiet Siamese kitten with limp; shy black kitten befriends old tabby.
9:00 AMAnimal Airport - Cranky Cat  : Nursing a rare tarsier back to health; a seriously cranky cat and 35 alpacas; German Spitz.
9:30 AMAnimal Airport - Deer on the Run  : A parrot poses a problem for Debs; helping a Yorkshire terrier catch his flight.
10:00 AMAnimal Cops Phoenix - Missing Leg Mystery: A dog is tied in a front yard with one of it's legs missing.
11:00 AMAnimal Cops Phoenix - Breeding Trouble: Disease and deformities are uncovered in fifty animals found at the home of a former breeder.
12:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Down, Not Out: Tia suffers a devastating injury and her children must manage the parolees, rescues and adoptions.
1:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Redeemed: Earl returns from rehab, hoping to rebuild his life working with the dogs; a couple looks for a dog.
2:00 PMIce Lake Rebels - Winter is Coming  : House boats in jeopardy with winter freeze days away; Randy hunts moose; Pike Mike battles storm.
3:00 PMIce Lake Rebels - Fight for Food  : Now that the lake is frozen over, the rebels must stock up food for the long winter.
4:00 PMMissouri Mountain Family - Welcome to the Family  : After a harsh winter and near-fatal accident, the Haumessers struggle to begin projects.
5:00 PMMissouri Mountain Family - New Beginnings  : As Isaac and Emily prepare to get married, the family helps build a new house before the big day.
6:00 PMMissouri Mountain Family - One Step at a Time  : The families take a break from the large projects and focus on their own neglected home sites.
7:00 PMAlaska: The Last Frontier: The Frozen Edge - Grizzly Encounter  : A hunt for the normally reclusive bear results in a very dangerous and unexpected encounter.
8:00 PMAlaska: The Last Frontier: The Frozen Edge - Summer Stockpile  : Summer has arrived but The Kilchers are busy stocking freezers to survive the oncoming winter.
9:00 PMHomestead Rescue - Wolves at the Door  : The Raneys help the Johnson family who have no drinking water or food sources.
10:00 PMHomestead Rescue - Honey I Torched the Homestead  : The Raneys assist an Oregon homestead where fire is a constant threat.
11:00 PMExpedition Mungo - India's Monkey Man Monster  : In 2001, a mysterious half-human, half-animal hybrid attacks residents of New Delhi.