21 October 2016

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  • College Football  »
    Unbeaten No. 2 Ohio State takes the field against Penn State, a team it hasn't lost to since 2011.
  • The latest on Brad Pitt; Cher; Christie Brinkley.
  • MacGyver
    A former CIA agent goes missing after finding evidence against an international arms dealer.
  • Plans are interrupted when errors are found in what seemed to be a straight-forward, closed case.
  • «  College Football
    No. 19 Utah (6-1) …
  • FOX College Football Extra
    Highlights and updates of the day's college football action and previews of upcoming …
  • College Football  »
    Texas Tech (3-3) hosts No. 16 Oklahoma (4-2), led by former Red Raider QB Baker Mayfield.
  • A television producer accompanies Sanchez and Tao on a ride-along to learn about the …
  • A former college football player is stabbed during a fundraiser; Frost's mother …
  • Dr. Hope Martin returns to ask Maura for a favor; Jane worries about Lt. Col. …
  • Local Programming
  • Superstore
    Jonah causes an open-carry …
  • Identity Thief  »
    A victim of identity theft must take extreme measures to clear his credit.
  • Little Fockers
    Greg Focker's moonlighting with a drug company threatens his father-in-law's trust in him.
  • A Madea Christmas  »
    Madea dishes out her own brand of Christmas spirit in a small, rural town.
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  • «  Jurassic World
    An animal expert must save tourists on an island from rampaging, genetically …
  • Gods of Egypt  »
    A defiant mortal forms an alliance with the god Horus to battle Set, the merciless god of darkness.
  • «  Mad Max: Fury Road
    Mad Max and a band of rebels try to outrun a warlord and his henchmen in a high-speed, desert chase.
  • Quarry
    The Broker has Mac take down a head drug dealer; Olsen follows his suspicions.
  • Frank barricades himself on the top floor of the Gallagher home; Fiona adopts a new …
  • Kevin, Veronica and Svetlana start a topless maid service; Frank makes new friends.
  • Weiner  »
    A new sex scandal emerges as former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) runs for mayor of New York.
  • «  Paddington
  • The Duff
    A teen vows to reinvent herself after learning that she's been given an embarrassing nickname.
  • A maniac terrorizes a group of delinquents cleaning a hotel for community service.
  • Local Programming
  • After facing all of the recent trials, a slight detour may offer a solution.
  • The group feels beaten after living life on the road, but must continue to …
  • After withstanding a storm, Rick and the others meet what appears to be a …
  • Desperation drives four inner-city women to bank robbery in Los Angeles.
  • Takers
    A detective hunts a gang of elusive bank robbers.
  • «  Don't Be Tardy ...
  • Carrie Bradshaw and her gal pals continue their adventures in New York. Based on the TV series.
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  • «  CMT Artists of the Year 2016
    Musicians are honored as the top country artists of 2016, including Carrie …
  • Estranged from his wife, an out-of-work actor masquerades as a nanny to be with his children.
  • CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow
    Poppy Harlow brings the latest on the day's top …
  • Unfinished Business: The Essential Hillary Clinton
    A look at the 2016 presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton.
  • truTV Top Funniest
    A baby from …
  • truTV Top Funniest
    See why …
  • truTV Top Funniest
    Comical clips …
  • truTV Top Funniest
    Hilarious …
  • truTV Top Funniest
    A woman with …
  • truTV Top Funniest
    Featuring the …
  • Naked and Afraid
    A person who fears the dark and a tough mother take on the Mayan jungles of …
  • Naked and Afraid: Infested with Rats
    Survivalists compete with monkeys for …
  • Rats  »
    A history of rat infestations in major cities throughout the world.
  • Bunk'd
    Things get scary at Camp Kikiwaka …
  • Walk the Prank
    Dusty is stressed out …
  • The Swap
    After magically swapping bodies, two teenage athletes must figure out how to return back to normal.
  • Kirby Buckets  »
  • «  College Football
    No. 17 Arkansas heads to No. 21 Auburn in the middle of a five-game stretch against ranked teams.
  • College Football  »
    This matchup of top 25 teams from the SEC features No. 23 Mississippi at No. …
  • Chefs prepare a pork tenderloin entree; cooks use a spiky fruit and clever cookie-crumb …
  • Kids Halloween Baking Championship
    Something sweet and scary; mad scientists …
  • A freaky gummy and a funny mummy; scary offal; spider webs made with pretzels and blue cheese.
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  • Fox Report
    Julie Banderas hosts.
  • Watters' World
    Jesse Watters hosts.
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro presents legal insight on news of the …
  • The Equalizer
    A former commando comes out of retirement to rescue a girl from violent Russian mobsters.
  • Local Programming
  • Fixer Upper
    After living in five homes in six years, a couple is ready to settle down.
  • Property Brothers
    Expecting parents Marc and Ashleigh are determined to buy a home before …
  • Property Brothers
    Tory and Darren want a spacious family home in the suburbs.
  • Inside Alcatraz: Legends of the Rock
    Revealing interviews from those who …
  • Alcatraz: Search for the Truth
    The family of the Anglin brothers comes forward with new evidence and secrets.
  • «  Pregnant at 17
    Chelsea thinks her life is turning around until she discovers she is pregnant.
  • Death of a Vegas Showgirl  »
    Two talented dancers become swept up in a tumultuous relationship that spirals into obsession.
  • Dateline Extra
    A foreign exchange student's participation in a dangerous game leads to deadly …
  • In Other News: Lost in the Looting
  • In Other News: Breaking Chad
    On Nov. 6, 2000, election coverage in the news …
  • Ridiculousness
    Ne-Yo; ``Ambush …
  • Ridiculousness
    WWE Diva, Paige; ``…
  • Ridiculousness
    Podcast hosts Bryan …
  • Ridiculousness
    TV personality Jerry …
  • A gawky teen helps a friend run for class president.
  • The Thundermans
    The Villain League threatens to halt Phoebe's superhero ascension and destroy …
  • The Thundermans
    A Halloween storm …
  • School of Rock
    When Principal …
  • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
    The Quads and their parents are all excited for the Halloween dance; Ricky and Dicky …
  • Nickelodeon's Ultimate Halloween Haunted House
    Hidden cameras capture Nickelodeon stars as …
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  • Local Programming
  • A mother is accused of spiking her husband's sports drink.
  • A young woman is murdered in her garage and all the clues point to a bodybuilder.
  • A pretty blonde survives the attack that kills her husband.
  • A suspect leads officers on a nighttime …
  • A homeless man refuses to leave a store …
  • A deputy calls for backup when he's …
  • A woman denies that she is soliciting …
  • Jail: Big Texas
    A trustee finds …
  • Cameras catch police in action as they …
  • Top 250
    A foreign spy chases a hapless New Yorker cross country.
  • Jaws  »
    Top 250
    A New England police chief, a shark hunter and a scientist have a showdown with a huge white shark.
  • «  The Hunger Games
    En un lugar alguna vez conocido como Nortemrica, jvenes pelean a muerte en concurso televisado.
  • Parker  »
    Un ladrn idea plan para vengarse de los compaeros que lo traicionaron y abandonaron a su suerte.
  • Most Terrifying Places in America 7
    A desecrated cemetery in Illinois; an …
  • A malevolent spirit terrorizes the staff at the Palace Saloon in Prescott, …
  • Investigating the former home of an elderly serial killer, Dorothea Puente.
  • Crnicas de Sbado
    Un programa de noticias y temas de actualidad.
  • Ftbol Mexicano Primera Divisin
    Partido correspondiente a la fecha 14 del Apertura 2016.
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  • A hot-shot Navy jet pilot tangles with MiGs and flirts with a civilian astrophysicist.
  • A teen plays hooky in Chicago with friends.