21 September 2014

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11:03 PMRedwood Kings: Cut Masters - Ultimate Playhouse 
12:04 AMAirplane Repo - We've Got an Emergency Situation  : Three repo men chase luxury planes for big dollars across America.
1:05 AMAirplane Repo - Spies in the Night  : Mike braves a potential suicide mission; Kevin is at the mercy of a mechanic and a windy night.
2:06 AMAirplane Repo - Repo Rat Race  : Ken and Danny race to beat out rival repo men in a huge yacht heist; a high-stakes game of chicken.
3:00 AMRev. Peter Popoff
3:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:00 AMBody Beast!: Gain up to 20 pounds of lean, hard muscle in 90 days when you commit to Body Beast.
4:30 AMMontel Williams: Living well with Montel and the devastating effects of identity theft.
5:00 AMBody Beast: Want a body that turns heads - for all the right reasons?
5:30 AMHealthy Meals in Under 30 minutes!: Ninja Cooking System - Designed specifically to replace up to 6 different cooking appliances.
6:00 AMBody Beast!: Gain up to 20 pounds of lean, hard muscle in 90 days when you commit to Body Beast.
6:30 AMThe Key of David: ``The Key of David'' analyzes current world events through the clear light of Bible prophecy.
7:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:30 AMThe Making of Legacy: A behind-the-scenes look at the filming of ''Your Legacy''; Dr. James Dobson.
7:58 AMJoel Osteen: Pastor Joel Osteen preaches in Houston.
8:27 AMIn Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley: Dr. Charles Stanley preaches at First Baptist Church of Atlanta.
9:00 AMBering Sea Gold - Under the Ice: Grounds for Divorce  : With the end of the season closing in, one miner faces health issues as well as a rocky partnership.
10:00 AMDirty Jobs - Blueberry Connoisseur: Mike visits the Jelly Belly Candy Company and then travels to Maine to harvest blueberries.
11:00 AMDirty Jobs - Exotic Nanny: Mike travels to Texas to help out a ranch that has and breeds different species of exotic animals.
12:00 PMExtreme Collectors - Cadillacs, Cadillacs, Cadillacs  : Vintage Cadillacs; My Little Pony; toy cars; cookie jars.
12:30 PMExtreme Collectors - Caped Crusader  : Batman memorabilia; model trains; James Bond memorabilia; vintage dolls.
1:00 PMExtreme Collectors - Reliving the 50's  : 50's-era diner and vintage cars; 15,000 video games; harmonicas; toys.
1:30 PMExtreme Collectors - Corbin's Snow Globes  : Actor Corbin Bernsen's collection of 8,000 snow globes; a vintage hat; Wonder Woman memorabilia.
2:00 PMLost and Sold - A Wheel Predicament  : Robbie and Kathleen have a promising bag; Lou finds a box full of knives.
2:30 PMLost and Sold - Hair Today Gone Tomorrow 
3:00 PMLost and Sold - Sex Sells  : Robbie and Kathleen find an X-rated trunk; Lou debates the value of silver stamps.
3:30 PMLost and Sold - Dead Rock Star  : John wins a box of special F/X makeup; Robbie and Kathleen bid on a golf bag.
4:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Paradise Lost  : Surviving on a deserted Fijian island.
5:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Playing With Fire  : Survivalists withstand a barren tropical terrain on a deserted Dominica beach.
6:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Mayan Misery  : Surviving a flooded jungle in Belize.
7:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Meltdown in Bolivia  : Survivalists endure the jungles of Bolivia.
8:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Nicaragua Nightmare  : Survivalists endure the swampy jungles of Nicaragua armed with a machete and a roll of duct tape.
9:01 PMNaked and Afraid: Uncensored - Botswana Breakdown 
10:02 PMNaked and Afraid - Dunes of Despair  : A wilderness instructor and a go-getter battle hunger and dehydration in the sand dunes of Brazil.
11:03 PMNaked and Afraid - Primal Fear  : A mountain man and a homeschooling mother must survive in Namibia.