23 March 2017

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11:01 PMLone Star Law - Calm Before the Storm  : Record storms, dangerous waters, flooding and tornadoes interrupt the boating and fishing patrols.
12:01 AMLone Star Law - Game On  : Wardens hunt down alligator poacher who has been bragging online; Wardens search for drug smugglers.
1:01 AMLone Star Law - New Blood  : Two new rookies from the 59th cadet class of Texas game wardens work their first cases.
2:01 AMLone Star Law - Moving Target  : Game wardens beef up patrols for the short pronghorn season; a deer needs to be relocated.
3:00 AMNorth Woods Law - Catcher in the Wild  : Warden Robertson has difficulty pursuing a speeding dirt biker but finds clue to his destination.
4:00 AMNorth Woods Law - Occupational Hazards  : In Maine, Warden Herring comes across a sprawling illegal encampment on private property.
5:00 AMNorth Woods Law - In a Hot Second  : Warden McBrine coordinates a LifeFlight helicopter rescue for a car crash victim.
6:00 AMTreetop Cat Rescue - Cat Men to the Rescue  : After a team effort to rescue Bear the cat, Shaun goes solo to find Spaz; call about feral cat.
6:30 AMTreetop Cat Rescue - Promeo, Promeo!  : Shaun and Tom investigate a cat's true identity; Tom tries to reunite a cat with his dog friend.
7:00 AMDogs 101: New Tricks - Most Loveable  : Find out what breeds are most likely to snuggle, cuddle and love.
7:30 AMDogs 101: New Tricks - A Face Only a Mother Could Love  : The World's Ugliest Dog competition.
8:00 AMBad Dog! - Dog Gone: Australian shepherd master escape artist; goldendoodle loves popsicles; orange tabby; messy rabbit.
9:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Low Rider: Tumor lowers the chances of a dog finding a forever home; violent dog puts the VRC staff in danger.
10:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - A New Best Friend: Scared pit bull is abandoned by his owners in an empty house; Oklahoma family; Jethro becomes ill.
11:00 AMDr. Dee: Alaska Vet - Don't Mess With Mama  : Radio station helps find home for special needs dog; castration turns hostile; examining black bear.
12:00 PMDr. Dee: Alaska Vet - Tis the Season  : Dr. Dee takes care of her mother while dealing with her busy clinic; emergency surgery on a puppy.
1:00 PMTanked - Wilmer's Tank-errama  : ATM builds a tank for ``That '70s Show'' and ``Handy Manny'' star Wilmer Valderrama.
2:00 PMTanked - Bellagio Makeover  : Wayde and Brett help The Bellagio Hotel and Casino perform a massive makeover to its conservatory.
3:00 PMTanked - Fish City, Kid  : Hip hop artist Tyga wants a tank filled with cash that makes him feel like a million bucks.
4:00 PMTanked - Internet Tank Sensation  : ATM builds a SmileMore aquarium for YouTube superstar Roman Atwood.
5:00 PMTanked - Imaginarium Aquarium  : Wayde and Brett attempt to create a USCGC Mohawk replica tank for the Imaginarium Science Center.
6:00 PMTanked - Party Rockin' Tank  : Building a DJ booth aquarium -- the first of its kind -- for DJ Redfoo of the band LMFAO.
7:00 PMTanked: Tank Madness - Milk Truck Madness  : The guys at ATM revamp a beat up milk truck into a contender of a tank.
8:00 PMTanked: Tank Madness - Pinball Wizards  : The guys are taking another tank from pretender to contender when they source a pinball machine.
9:00 PMTanked: Tank Madness - The Doghouse Tank  : Renovating an old school dog house into a new school fish tank.
10:00 PMTanked: Tank Madness - The Volks-tank  : The guys at ATM take an old VW square back and turn it into a stunning tank.
11:00 PMTanked - Jeff Dunham's Tank for Dummies  : Jeff Dunham wants a theater-themed tank starring his characters Peanut, Walter and Achmed.