27 July 2016

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11:00 PMExpedition Unknown - Columbus: Legend or Liar?  : The myths behind Christopher Columbus are uncovered.
12:00 AMExpedition Unknown - Extra Finds: World's 8th Wonder  : History's most expensive stolen object, the Amber Chamber; retracing the steps of Nazi solders.
1:00 AMExpedition Unknown - Hunting Vampires  : Josh explores the history of vampirism in Romania and Bulgaria.
2:00 AMExpedition Unknown - Columbus: Legend or Liar?  : The myths behind Christopher Columbus are uncovered.
3:00 AMExpedition Unknown - True Cross of Christ  : The True Cross of Christ in Jerusalem and Istanbul.
4:00 AMBack2Life - Your 12 Minute Back Pain Solution! FREE SHIPPING!: Back2Life is a revolutionary machine that achieves incredible results safely, drug free and in home.
4:30 AMShark Powered Lift Away is 3 Vacuums In One!: No Loss Suction Vacuum - Dusting brush, Pet Upholstery Tool, Free Lifetime Warranty, Free Steam Mop.
5:00 AMFish Oil Benefits Examined: Say goodbye to bad cholesterol, joint pain, mood swings and brain fog in 30 days or less.
5:30 AMPressure Cooker: Hearty, wholesome meals in LESS time!
6:00 AMLifeLock Protection: Identity theft protection: learn about America's fastest growing crime & how LifeLock can help you.
6:30 AMGreen Tea: Try Green Tea Free Today!
7:00 AM5 Makeup Tips 4 Older Women!: Airbrushed makeup made easy!
7:30 AMIGROW Hair Growth System. Grow Fuller, Thicker Hair in Weeks!: Clinically Proven best solution for hair loss for both men and women.
8:00 AMPlanet Primetime - Loco in Mexico  : Sexy telenovelas to Lucha Libre wrestling in Mexican television which is all about satire and fun.
8:30 AMPlanet Primetime - Unity in South Africa  : Some of the country's biggest movie stars, elephants; how a soap opera is breaking boundaries.
9:00 AMMetropolis - San Francisco  : Some of America's most famous foods and landmarks.
10:00 AMMetropolis - New Orleans  : The wealthiest port in America; a southern Sin City created by steamboats.
11:00 AMMetropolis - Rome  : Building the first Metropolis; outdoor drinking; iconic pasta dish.
12:00 PMMetropolis - Paris  : Baguettes and the French Revolution to a celebrity chef; a pharmacist invents French fries.
1:00 PMMysteries at the Museum - Most Iconic  : Infamous drug syndicate; an armored limousine; a holster from an infamous outlaw.
2:00 PMMysteries at the Museum - Secrets Of The South  : Sketches of creatures; a barrel that provides clues to a shipwreck; a plaster molding of a creature.
3:00 PMMysteries at the Museum - Creepiest  : A copper cross used during an exorcism; a brass bell worn by a beast; a hut that housed a killer.
4:00 PMMysteries at the Monument - Kidnapping the Sacred Cod; Baseball's Forgotten Hero; The Artichoke War  : A sacred effigy; the first African-American baseball player; statue of a New York mayor.
5:00 PMMysteries at the Monument - First Circus Elephant; Greenbrier Ghost; Daredevil Hoaxster  : The first circus elephant; the tombstone of a young woman; a statue of an explorer.
6:00 PMMysteries at the Museum - Roulette Computer; LA Shootout; the Brooklyn Enigma; Equitable Building Disaster; Pigeon Missile; 1918 Flu  : Don Wildman investigates a wearable computer, a bizarre weapon of war and a suit of armor.
7:00 PMMysteries at the Museum - Man Who Saved the World, Man in a Box and From the Depths of Hell  : Investigating a nuclear malfunction, an out-of-the-box plan and an amazing rescue.
8:00 PMMysteries at the Museum - Skull in the Ashes; Nazi Art Hoax; Hunger Strike  : A damaged metal identification tag; a painting from a deception.
9:00 PMMysteries at the Museum - Buried Alive, Mauve, Crash at Crush  : An antique doll tied to a tragic demise; an experiment gone awry that ignites the world of fashion.
10:00 PMMysteries at the Museum - Nation of Sealand; Nantucket Sea Monster; Bandit Queen  : Don explores a high seas drama, a mythical beast and a beloved outlaw.
11:00 PMMysteries at the Museum - Mgm Fire; UFO Car; Prophecy Sword  : A poker chip from one of Las Vegas's worst disaster; a financial document; a sword.