24 June 2017

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10:15 PMCome September: American catches Italian caretaker in mischief.
12:15 AMVisiting Italy: The ancient ruins of Rome, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and architecture in Florence.
12:30 AMBuona Sera, Mrs. Campbell: Three veterans are reunited in Italy with a mutual lover they've been supporting for 20 years.
2:45 AMRoman Holiday: A young princess, tired of her constraints, runs off with a U.S. newsman in Rome.
5:00 AMGidget Goes to Rome: Teenage Gidget and boyfriend Moondoggie cause romantic confusion on vacation in Italy.
7:00 AMMan of Aran: Kilmurvey villagers fight the sea for fish on the rocky Irish island of Inishmore.
8:30 AMStorm Over Jamaica: While coping with two lovers, a teacher in a Jamaican school tries to help a troubled student.
10:30 AMAfter Midnight With Boston Blackie: Arrested for murder, gumshoe Blackie escapes to save an old girlfriend from mobsters.
12:00 PMIt's a Big Country: Eight episodes by seven directors show an elderly Bostonian, a Texan, a preacher and others.
1:45 PMThe Fastest Gun Alive: An outlaw forces a showdown with a quick-draw artist who just wants to live in peace with his wife.
3:30 PMFort Apache: An Arizona cavalry captain sees his stubborn colonel lead troops into a massacre.
6:00 PMHearts of the West: A fledgling pulp writer from Iowa becomes a cowboy-movie stuntman in 1930s Hollywood.
8:00 PMRear Window: A photographer in a wheelchair spies on neighbors and sees a murder.
10:15 PMThe Window: A boy sees a murder in his New York tenement, but his parents do not believe him.
11:45 PMWitness to Murder: A woman looks out a window and sees a man kill someone; he's so tricky no one believes her.