16 August 2017

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11:30 PMSouth Park - The List: A secret list rates every boy's looks.
12:00 AMSouth Park - Medicinal Fried Chicken: Cartman's favorite restaurant shuts down and a medicinal marijuana store moves in.
12:30 AMSouth Park - Manbearpig: When the boys are trapped in a cave-in, Cartman discovers treasure.
1:05 AMSouth Park - Bloody Mary: Stan is embarrassed in front of his friends when his dad is arrested for drunk driving.
1:40 AMSouth Park - Trapped in the Closet: Stan looks to new religions.
2:10 AMSouth Park - Succubus: Chef's mother arrives after he decides to get married.
2:40 AMSouth Park - Smug Alert!: A disaster of epic proportions threatens the town and Stan is to blame.
3:10 AMSouth Park - Not Funny: Cartman becomes convinced that Butters wants to steal his girlfriend.
3:40 AMKey & Peele - Dueling Magical Negroes: Sketches include mystics battling over the right to give advice; President Obama's new strategy.
4:10 AMKey & Peele - Sex Detective: Sketches include a respected sex crimes detective uses unconventional means to solve a case.
4:40 AMKey & Peele - Airplane Showdown: A flight attendant must handle a passenger who will not fasten his seatbelt; British explorers.
5:00 AMShow More Skin & Love the Way You Look: Women reveal how they went from crepey to incredible. See the transformations! www.CrepeErase.com.
5:30 AMSex Please: Nutritional supplement proven to enhance your libido and sexual function.
6:00 AMTry Total Gym for $14.95: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment you need to get in the best shape of your life!
6:30 AMAccidents caught on Camera with HD Mirror Cam!: See crazy accidents caught on camera with the HD Mirror Cam - the most important tool you'll ever!
7:00 AMScrubs - My Soul on Fire Part 1: The janitor and Lady plan a fake wedding in the Bahamas to score some cash.
7:30 AMScrubs - My Soul on Fire Part 2: The Janitor and Lady get married in a quirky ceremony in the Bahamas.
8:00 AMScrubs - My Lawyer's in Love: Ted falls in love at first sight; Perry learns the hard way that he cannot handle everything.
8:30 AMScrubs - My Absence: J.D. takes a short break from work at the hospital; Carla and Turk share big news.
9:00 AMScrubs - My Full Moon: A full moon brings the interns their roughest case load; Elliot has a revelation.
9:31 AMScrubs - My Cuz: As J.D. makes plans to move closer to Sam, he discovers that Kim has a new man in her life.
10:02 AMThat '70s Show - Eric's Depression: Depressed Eric locks himself in his room and ignores pleas to talk about the breakup.
10:37 AMThat '70s Show - Pinciotti vs. Forman: In the aftermath of their breakup, Eric and Donna fight over their friends.
11:10 AMThat '70s Show - Hyde Gets the Girl: Eric and Fez organize a singles party in order to hook up Hyde with a girl.
11:45 AMThat '70s Show - Bye-Bye Basement: Kitty decides to redecorate the basement; Donna and Eric argue.
12:20 PMThat '70s Show - The Relapse: Donna seeks comfort in Eric's arms, an action that might be sending the wrong message.
12:55 PMThat '70s Show - Uncomfortable Ball Stuff: Donna keeps her promise to accompany Eric to the Pricemart Ball.
1:30 PMThat '70s Show - Donna's Story: Eric disapproves of a story Donna writes for the school newspaper.
2:00 PMThat '70s Show - The Forgotten Son: The corporate office chooses Red to produce a segment for a Pricemart instructional video.
2:30 PMThat '70s Show - Red and Stacey: Red tries to set up Eric with a new employee from the Pricemart.
3:00 PMIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - The Gang Hits the Road: The gang tries to expand its horizons by going on a road trip to the Grand Canyon.
3:35 PMIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - The Great Recession: Mac and Dennis try to keep the bar afloat in the tough economic times.
4:10 PMIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention: The gang plans an intervention for Frank because of his reckless lifestyle.
4:45 PMFuturama - The Prisoner of Benda: A revolutionary invention allows the crew members to exchange minds.
5:20 PMFuturama - Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences: Alien leader Lrrr faces a midlife crisis following a bungled Earth invasion.
5:50 PMFuturama - The Mutants Are Revolting: Leela leads an army of underground mutants in a rebellion against the surface people.
6:15 PMFuturama - The Silence of the Clamps: Bender goes into hiding after testifying against the Robot Mafia.
6:50 PMFuturama - Mobius Dick: Leela hunts down a mysterious four-dimensional space whale in the Bermuda Tetrahedron.
7:25 PMSouth Park - The Jeffersons: The local police force resents Mr. Jefferson for his wealth and ethnicity.
8:00 PMSouth Park - God God Go I & XII: Cartman freezes himself because he is impatient about a new gaming device being released.
9:00 PMTosh.0 - Ricky Berwick: A YouTube legend with a twisted funny bone; a porta-potty worth doing one's business in.
9:30 PMTosh.0 - Golf Fight: Daniel hits the links and hosts a post-show press conference.
10:00 PMTosh.0 - Arrested for Pranks: Daniel proves that no prankster is above the law; uncovers the biggest internet scandal.
10:30 PMTosh.0: Daniel hosts a sad TV reunion and takes a sobering look at his addiction to sobriety.
11:00 PMKevin Hart: Let Me Explain: Comic Kevin Hart performs two sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden in New York.