22 October 2016

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11:00 PMThe Switch: A woman uses a friend's sperm, unknowingly, to get pregnant.
1:00 AM17 Again: A 37-year-old gets a chance to change his life when he is miraculously transformed into a teenager.
3:00 AMShe's the Man: Romantic complications ensue when a student poses as her twin brother and takes his place at school.
5:00 AMMarried ... With Children - Bud on the Side: Bud has an affair with an older woman, Al's boss Garry.
5:30 AMMarried ... With Children - 976-SHOE: Steve's in trouble at the bank when he authorizes a loan for Al's latest invention.
6:00 AMSeinfeld - The Seven: Jerry's girlfriend wears the same dress; Elaine loses a bike to Kramer.
6:30 AMSeinfeld - The Shower Head: Jerry jokes about his uncle on television; Elaine fails a drug test; Jay Leno guest stars.
7:00 AMSeinfeld - The Doll: One of Susan's dolls looks like George's mother; Kramer turns pool shark; guest Kathy Griffin.
7:30 AMSeinfeld - The Friars Club: Jerry tries to join the Friars Club; a new co-worker causes more work for Elaine.
8:00 AMFriends - The One With the Ick Factor: Monica's new boyfriend (Stan Kirsch) exposes his own secret after she admits her true age.
8:30 AMFriends - The One With the Birth: Carol (Jane Sibbett) begins labor; Ross and Susan (Jessica Hecht) clash.
9:00 AMFriends - The One Where Rachel Finds Out: Rachel discovers Ross' feelings for her when he goes out of town on a business trip.
9:30 AMFriends - The One With Ross' New Girlfriend: Ross returns from China with a new girlfriend (Lauren Tom); Rachel calls Paolo (Cosimo Fusco).
10:00 AMThe 40-Year-Old Virgin: Three co-workers unite to help their buddy's sex life.
12:30 PMAnchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: A 1970s newsman feels threatened by a female employee.
2:30 PMRole Models: Two wild guys become mentors to two impressionable youths.
4:45 PMPineapple Express: A stoner is the only witness to a murder committed by a drug lord and crooked cop.
7:00 PM2 Broke Girls - And the Broken Hearts: Caroline and Max wind up spending Valentine's Day at the hospital with Earl.
7:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Classified Materials Turbulence: Penny makes a surprising revelation about Leonard while on her date with Stuart.
8:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Cornhusker Vortex: Sheldon teaches Leonard about football; kite-fighting threatens Howard and Raj's friendship.
8:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Guitarist Amplification: Sheldon tries to make peace when Leonard and Penny get into an argument.
9:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Adhesive Duck Deficiency: Penny is forced to rely on Sheldon when she is injured while Howard, Leonard and Raj are away.
9:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Vengeance Formulation: After being humiliated on the radio, Sheldon vows to destroy Kripke.
10:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Gorilla Experiment: Sheldon tries to help Penny understand Leonard's work; Wolowitz gets jealous.
10:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Maternal Congruence: Leonard is horrified when his mother (Christine Baranski) visits.
11:00 PMPeople of Earth - Sneak Peek  : A preview of the new comedy series.
11:30 PMPineapple Express: A stoner is the only witness to a murder committed by a drug lord and crooked cop.