25 July 2016

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10:00 PMBatman Forever: Batman battles Two-Face and the Riddler.
12:05 AMMurderous Intent: A forensic psychologist interrogates a 17-year-old accused of murdering a fellow student.
2:00 AMTaken 3: Framed for his ex-wife's murder, Bryan Mills sets out to take revenge on the real killers.
3:50 AMRenaissance Man: An unemployed adman educates eight iffy Army recruits with Shakespeare.
6:00 AMMiracle on 34th Street: An adwoman's lawyer boyfriend tries to prove that Macy's Santa Claus is the real thing.
7:40 AMThe World According to Garp: Writer T.S. Garp lives in the light of his feminist unwed mother. Based on the book by John Irving.
10:00 AMCrimson Peak: A new bride investigates ghostly visions at a remote gothic mansion that holds dark secrets.
12:00 PMUnbroken: During World War II, Louie Zamperini survives for 47 days in a raft and is captured by the Japanese.
2:20 PMThe Last Witch Hunter: The Witch Queen rises from the dead, seeking revenge against the immortal warrior who slayed her.
4:10 PMBarb Wire: Bounty hunter seeks panacea during civil war in 2017.
5:50 PMWe Don't Live Here Anymore: Best friends drift into marital infidelity with each other's wives. Based on stories by Andre Dubus.
7:30 PMCriminal Activities: Indebted to a crime boss, four friends must kidnap a family member of a rival kingpin as payback.
9:05 PMRun All Night: The estranged son of an aging hit man becomes a mob target.
11:00 PMOutcast - The Damage Done  : Kyle and Allison revisit their past; Rev. Anderson gets carried away during Remembrance Day.
11:55 PMThe Glass House: A teenage orphan faces terror from her adoptive parents.