27 June 2016

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11:30 PMXtreme Waterparks - Extra Splash: Getting Wet in Malaysia  : An extreme 70-degree drop is explored; the world's first 5D water ride inside a theater.
12:00 AMXtreme Waterparks - Sliding With Sharks  : A voyage to experience a shark-infested slide in the Canary Islands.
12:30 AMXtreme Waterparks - Extra Splash: Getting Wet in Abu Dhabi  : A slide that thrust riders into a tank of piranhas in Brazil; Utah's 100 ft. homemade slide.
1:00 AMTop Secret Swimming Holes - Cliff Jumper's Paradise in Hawaii  : Exploring, hiking, diving and climbing to 10 water-loving adventures.
2:00 AM7 Water Wonders - Couples Getaway  : Checking out the best adults-only resort pools on the planet.
2:30 AMXtreme Waterparks - Extra Splash: Getting Wet in Malaysia  : An extreme 70-degree drop is explored; the world's first 5D water ride inside a theater.
3:00 AMFood Paradise - Steak-Stravaganza: A smoky sirloin, a spicy rib eye and a tender flank steak stuffed with cheese.
4:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:30 AMFish Oil Benefits Examined: Say goodbye to bad cholesterol, joint pain, mood swings and brain fog in 30 days or less.
5:00 AMLandscaping Secrets: Revolutionary outdoor power tools with extra battery life!
5:30 AMNutri Ninja Blender Duo- Healthier Living Made Easy-2 Machines in One!: Nutri Ninja Blender Duo - break down whole foods, ice & seeds for maximum extraction.
6:00 AMBody Beast!: Get the most advanced muscle-defining workout program, designed to get you completely ripped.
6:30 AMFacelift in Minutes at Home: Conture, the miraculous anti-aging sytem, allows you to look younger in minutes in your home.
7:00 AMGreen Tea: Try Green Tea Free Today!
7:30 AMBack2Life - Your 12 Minute Back Pain Solution! FREE SHIPPING!: Back2Life is a revolutionary machine that achieves incredible results safely, drug free and in home.
8:00 AMHello Goodbye - Nannies Gone Wild  : Three nannies are looking to cut loose in the Windy City.
8:30 AMHello Goodbye - Bridal Party in Terminal 3  : Curt meets a group of bridesmaids awaiting Prince Charming's arrival.
9:00 AMAmerican Grilled - Meat Me in St. Louis  : Pork steak, pretzel sticks, Mayfair dressing and provel cheese.
10:00 AMHotel Impossible - Triangle T Ranch  : Renovate a struggling ranch resort that once hosted celebrities.
11:00 AMHotel Impossible - Caribe Playa Beach Resort  : Caribe Playa Beach Resort has trash-littered beaches, a chaotic front desk and an unfit GM.
12:00 PMBizarre Foods America - St. Croix, Usvi: Bull's Feet In Paradise  : Andrew visits St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands; Goat water soup; conch roti; breadfruit tostones.
1:00 PMBizarre Foods America - New Orleans  : Andrew gets a taste of New Orleans unique blend of Southern tradition and modern influence.
2:00 PMBizarre Foods America - Iowa  : Pork brains with spring onion kimchi; a stew made from a sheep's head.
3:00 PMFood Paradise - Ribs Paradise: Delicious rib joints from across the U.S.; the best ribs American grills have to offer.
4:00 PMFood Paradise - Bacon Paradise: Touring the country for the best places to eat dishes served with bacon.
5:00 PMFood Paradise - Minnesota State Fair: Sampling the best of the Midwest at the Minnesota State Fair.
6:00 PMBizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - Sardinia: In Sardinia, Andrew shows what the locals eat.
7:00 PMBizarre Foods America - Portland  : Elk heart tartar with a raw turkey egg; smoked cherries and bone marrow; goose liver with cacao.
8:00 PMBizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations - Albuquerque  : Albuquerque's desert gems, from enchiladas to nut rolls are unveiled.
8:30 PMBizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations - Hong Kong  : Hong Kong's dim sum to congee to roast goose; street carts and noodle houses.
9:00 PMBizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - Madrid: Exploring Madrid for baby pig heads, organ omelets and duck liver jewelry.
10:00 PMHotel Impossible - Tiny Horse, Big Problems  : Anthony works with the daughter of Big Bear Motel's owners to prepare her to run the business.
11:00 PMHotel Impossible - Top Ten Off Camera Confidential  : Anthony counts down the 10 best moments unexpectedly caught on camera.