21 September 2017

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11:00 PMTreehouse Masters: Branched Out - Waterfront Wonders  : Custom tree house overlooking the water for some serious ``glamping'' on the Washington Coast.
1:00 AMTreehouse Masters - International: Japan  : Pete travels to Japan to visit his longtime friend, master treehouse builder Takashi Kobayashi.
2:00 AMTreehouse Masters - International: Scandinavia  : In Scandinavia to explore Norway's magical TreeTop Hotel and Sweden's floating Treehotel.
3:00 AMTreehouse Masters - Lost in the Forest II  : Getting lost in the forest for some behind-the-scenes fun with tree house master Pete Nelson.
4:00 AMTreehouse Masters - Treehouse Takeover: The Roderick Experience  : Pete hands the reins over to Roderick for a build that boasts a 360 degree observation platform.
5:00 AMTreehouse Masters - View From Above 3  : Pete and his crew reminisce about their adventures and answer questions from fans.
6:00 AMAnimal Airport - Sick as a Horse  : Dangerous eagles; a horse in trouble on an airport perimeter; an adorable puppy melts hearts.
6:30 AMAnimal Airport - Alpaca the Bags  : Bad news for a loving dog owner hoping to collect his pet; a shipment of alpacas from the U.S.
7:00 AMToo Cute! - Kittens in Wonderland  : Tabbys befriends a bearded dragon; Alice leads brothers on adventure; runt plays with mini horse.
8:00 AMMy Cat From Hell - Psychic Disconnect  : Maryam the pet psychic can communicate with just about any animal...except her vicious cat Lily.
9:00 AMDr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet - Never Give Up  : Dr Jeff returns to Mexico to help desperate pets, and some reluctant patients at a monkey sanctuary.
10:00 AMAnimal Cops Houston - Tumor: A German shepherd is found with a tumor hanging from his neck.
11:00 AMAnimal Cops Houston - Flood: The SPCA team tries to rescue a horse that has fallen into a flooded bayou.
12:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Storm Surge: Villalobos' evacuation location is flooded as Hurricane Isaac rips through New Orleans.
1:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Season 4 Unleashed: Tia recalls dramatic rescues and heartwarming moments from the fourth season of the series.
2:00 PMRugged Justice - Law-Breaking Father and Daughter  : Trespassing elk poacher; father-daughter duo are caught red-handed illegally harvesting white fish.
3:00 PMRocky Mountain Bounty Hunters - Armed and Reckless  : Clint & Dayson hunt fugitive with history of resisting arrest; Animal & Rob track quarry to cabin.
4:00 PMRocky Mountain Bounty Hunters - A Violent Past  : Animal and Rob track barfighter to remote corner; Clint and Dayson hunt down homicidal fugitive.
5:00 PMRocky Mountain Bounty Hunters - Repeat Offenders  : A repeat offender crosses state lines; a former employee jumps to the wrong side of the law.
6:00 PMRocky Mountain Bounty Hunters - Vanishing Act  : Clint & Dayson chase fugitive in Colorado highlands; Animal & Rob hunt survivalist with 7 warrants.
7:00 PMYukon Men - The Black Wolf  : Charlie pursues the wolf pack leader; Joey turns to his father for help after the warm winter.
8:00 PMYukon Men - On Thin Ice  : Stan must build an ice road across the Yukon River; Joe and Bob embark on a caribou hunt.
9:00 PMYukon Men: Roughing It - Dog Days of Winter  : Changing seasons continue to cause problems for people of Tanana as sled dogs get injured.
10:00 PMYukon Men: Roughing It - Grizzly Times  : The wild weather in the Yukon causes more trouble with bears encroaching on human territory.
11:00 PMYukon Men - Feast or Famine  : Stan comes close to losing his winter's supply of fish; Courtney tries for her first moose.