30 June 2016

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11:30 PMTwo and a Half Men - If My Hole Could Talk: Charlie discovers he is attracted to an older woman who writes self-help books; Jake and Alan fight.
12:00 AMTwo and a Half Men - Waiting for the Right Snapper: Charlie meets the daughter of the woman he's dating.
12:30 AMFriends - The One Where Joey Tells Rachel: Joey confesses his true feelings for Rachel; Phoebe introduces Monica to her new boyfriend.
1:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Move Over: Ray complains Debra is too cuddlesome; guest Charles Durning.
1:30 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Getaway: Debra and Ray feel pressure to show each other a good time on a romantic weekend getaway.
2:00 AMCrime Watch Daily - Genene Jones Serial Child Killer; Mistaken Identity Nightmare  : A pediatric nurse is the angel of death; the wrong man is identified from surveillance tapes.
3:00 AMAmerica's Court With Judge Ross: Former judge and prosecutor Kevin Ross adjudicates real cases.
3:30 AMRules of Engagement - Timmy Quits: Jeff's plan to prove that Heidi, a college friend, never had feelings for him goes awry.
4:00 AMGood Times - The Gang: James wants to press charges after J.J. is wounded.
4:30 AMThe Jeffersons - Harry's House Guest: Harry wants to get rid of his lady house-guest.
5:00 AMLocal Programming
9:00 AMMaury - One Baby, Two Brothers ... Are Either of Them the Father?: Kurtshe says her boyfriend's brother brainwashed him into thinking her baby is not his.
10:00 AMMaury - My Kids Claim My Husband Is Cheating ... Give Him the Test!: Terri thinks her husband has been using a new apartment as a secret love den for his mistresses.
11:00 AMJerry Springer - Bad Boys Blindsided: Mychael demands an apology from the woman with whom he hooked up.
12:00 PMJerry Springer - Having Sex With a Brother ... and His Sister: Tristin's confession of love for a woman makes his sister's blood boil.
1:00 PMThe Bill Cunningham Show - My Husband Is Not the Father of Your Baby!  : Women insist their husbands are not the fathers of other women's babies.
2:00 PMCrime Watch Daily - Custody Battle Turns Deadly; Chicago Deadly Stalker  : A murder-for-hire plot; things turn deadly after a woman uncovers her boyfriend's secret past.
3:00 PMThe Steve Wilkos Show - Is He My Dad and Did He Molest Me?: A couple's eight children were taken away due to accusations of abuse, which both parents deny.
4:00 PMCelebrity Name Game
4:30 PMCelebrity Name Game
5:00 PMLocal Programming
7:00 PMFriends - The One Where Joey Moves Out: Monica's folks hear gossip about Dr. Burke (Tom Selleck); Joey wants to move.
7:30 PMSeinfeld - The Clip Show: More clips are seen and finally the closing minutes feature a series of bloopers/musical montage.
8:00 PMDC's Legends of Tomorrow - Star City 2046  : A malfunction sends the Waverider into Star City in 2046; Sara receives devastating news.
9:00 PMBeauty and the Beast - It's a Wonderful Beast: With someone out to kill Vincent, he and Cat realize they must go into hiding.
10:00 PMLocal Programming
11:00 PMSeinfeld - The Couch: Jerry's purchase of a new sofa helps Elaine land a new romantic interest.
11:30 PMTwo and a Half Men - The Flavin' and the Mavin: Alan awaits disaster as Charlie romances Alan's sweet receptionist.