13 October 2015

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10:00 PMThe Bishop's Wife: A suave angel saves a woman and her Episcopal husband from spiritual doubt and marital woe.
12:00 AMThe First of the Few: British aircraft designer R.J. Mitchell develops the World War II Spitfire with his test pilot.
2:15 AMThe Way Ahead: A British subaltern leads raw recruits against Rommel's troops in North Africa.
3:45 AMEnchantment: In World War II London a retired general advises his niece in romance, based on his lost love.
5:45 AMCast a Dark Shadow: An Englishman gets away with killing his rich old wife, then tries it with a savvy widow.
7:15 AMA Kiss for Corliss: An innocent teenager wants people to think she is having an affair with a playboy.
8:45 AMThe Naked Kiss: A former prostitute discovers that her philanthropic fiance is involved in perversion.
10:30 AMStrangers May Kiss: The love of a woman for an undependable reporter leads to a surprise.
12:00 PMThat Midnight Kiss: A Philadelphia debutante talks her opera maestro into giving a GI tenor a chance.
2:00 PMKiss Me Kate: Lilli and Fred act the same way offstage as they do in ``The Taming of the Shrew.''
4:00 PMKissin' Cousins: An Air Force officer asks his twin cousin's moonshiner father to give up land for a missile base.
6:00 PMThe Kissing Bandit: A Boston milquetoast goes West and takes his father's place as leader of an outlaw gang.
8:00 PMCrossing Delancey: A Manhattan single meets a man through her Jewish grandmother's matchmaker.
10:00 PMLook Who's Talking: An unwed accountant gives birth to Mikey, a hip baby who provides sarcastic commentary on events.
11:45 PMA Dry White Season: A white South African schoolteacher dares to question two deaths in 1976 Soweto.