20 July 2017

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11:00 PMNCIS - Family Secret: An ambulance explodes while transporting the remains of a Marine.
12:00 AMNCIS - Ravenous: The team searches for Marine who went missing in a national forest.
1:00 AMNCIS - Bait: A high schooler on Quantico Marine Corps Base attaches a bomb to himself and holds students hostage.
2:00 AMNCIS - Iced: Gibbs and the team investigate when the body of a missing Marine is found in a frozen lake.
3:00 AMLaugh-In: Hosted by Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, this variety show was a fast-moving barrage of jokes.
3:30 AMThe Perfect Cup of Coffee by Keurig: Keurig's innovative single-cup brewing process delivers robust flavor one delicious cup at a time!
4:00 AMLarry King Special Report UPDATE: Larry King investigates Omega XL, the ultimate all natural solution for pain and inflammation.
4:30 AMFight the 7 signs of aging: Dr. Murad reveals the 7 signs of aging and how to fight them and turn back time in just 7 Days!
5:00 AMTry Total Gym for $14.95: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment you need to get into the best shape.
5:30 AMFight the 7 signs of aging: Dr. Murad reveals the 7 signs of aging and how to fight them and turn back time in just 7 Days!
6:00 AMSnapped - Michele Williams: A pretty blonde survives the attack that kills her husband.
7:00 AMSnapped - Rose Chase: A family's suspicion leads them to the truth about a father's disappearance.
8:00 AMSnapped - Vonlee Nicole Titlow: An unexpected betrayal reveals there may be more to an alcoholic millionaire's death.
9:00 AMSnapped - Chyann Bratcher: A family is led to troubled waters as they search for justice.
10:00 AMSnapped - Tina Lunney: An elderly woman's death leads to shocking revelations about her daughter's double life.
11:00 AMSnapped - Vegas Bray: A woman witnesses her ex-boyfriend's shooting, but can't remember what happened.
12:00 PMSnapped - Shanda Crain
1:00 PMSnapped - Tracy Fortson: A body encased in concrete leads to questions about a former sheriff's deputy and her boyfriend.
2:00 PMSnapped - Lucille Duncan: When a body is discovered in the woods, authorities ask if he's the victim of revenge.
3:00 PMSnapped - Tina Williamson: Elderly man's business dealings and friendship with a younger woman are questioned after shooting.
4:00 PMSnapped - Misook Wang: Police uncover a shocking dispute with a money-hungry relative.
5:00 PMSnapped - Whitney Harris: A young mother claims she was caught up in her boyfriend's murderous plan.
6:00 PMSnapped - Diane Staudte
7:00 PMSnapped - Lisa Graham: A mother must face her demons when her daughter gets left for dead after a vicious murder.
8:00 PMDateline: Secrets Uncovered - House on the Lake  : A mom suddenly vanishes and a dad is under suspicion, but there was no body, weapon or eyewitness.
9:00 PMSnapped - Lupita Acuna: The murder of a Texas man reveals a deadly love triangle.
10:00 PMIt Takes a Killer - The Ghost of Baton Rouge  : When a series of women are murdered in Baton Rouge, police draw a profile.
10:30 PMIt Takes a Killer - The Slavemaster  : A father, husband and businessman is actually a sadomasochistic con-man who kidnaps women.
11:00 PMIt Takes a Killer - A Treacherous Triangle  : Two prominent doctors are entangled in a passionate rivalry for the same woman's affections.
11:30 PMIt Takes a Killer - An Opportunity to Kill  : A homeless ex-marine commits petty crimes until he spots Amyjane and gets the urge to kill.
12:00 AMLocal Programming