28 May 2016

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10:00 PMBatman: The Caped Crusader saves dismal Gotham City and gorgeous Vicki Vale from the freaky Joker.
12:10 AMZane's Sex Chronicles - Trading Spaces: Estaban talks to Lyric about Maricruz and John; Lyric confides in Patience.
12:40 AMZane's Sex Chronicles - The Workout: Trinity and Syndicator have a secret relationship; Hunter begs for forgiveness.
1:10 AMPoltergeist: Parapsychologists visit a family's home when sinister spirits hold their youngest daughter captive.
2:45 AMJoy Ride: A mysterious trucker terrorizes three young people.
4:25 AMDrop Zone: A U.S. marshal turns sky diver to nab a hijacker and his parachuter gang planning to invade the DEA.
6:10 AMArthur: A dry British butler helps his tippling master choose love with a waitress or marriage for money.
7:50 AMThe Bucket List: Two terminally ill men make a list of things they want to do before they die.
9:30 AMMystic Pizza: Three teenage girls come of age one summer working in a pizza parlor in Mystic, Conn.
11:15 AMSwimfan: A new student at a high school obsesses over a swimming champion who does not return her advances.
12:40 PMPoint of No Return: An agent turns a death-row punk into an assassin.
2:30 PMMulholland Dr.: An actress helps an amnesiac woman.
5:00 PMBanshee - Something out of the Bible: Haunted by his inability to locate Job, Lucas returns to find Banshee dramatically changed.
6:00 PMBanshee - The Burden of Beauty: Carrie embarks on a vigilante crusade; Brock's gaze turns toward Lucas in the serial-murder case.
6:50 PMBanshee - Job: Desperate to track down Job, Lucas and Carrie reach out to Fat Au.
7:45 PMBanshee - Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch: Carrie strikes again; Bunker treads on thin ice; another grisly murder sends shock waves.
8:40 PMBanshee - A Little Late to Grow a Pair: Dawson and Lucas scope out a Goth club in search of murder clues; Watts tests Calvin's limits.
9:35 PMBanshee - Only One Way a Dog Fight Ends: Dawson narrows her search for Declan Bode; Calvin throws down a gauntlet to Proctor.
10:25 PMBanshee - Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself: Lucas and Brock ramp up their efforts to hunt down Declan Bode; Kurt looks to keep Maggie safe.
11:15 PMBanshee - Requiem: Lucas resolves to leave Banshee; Proctor endures a tense faceoff with Calvin and the Brotherhood.
12:15 AMLocal Programming