20 August 2017

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11:00 PMAlaskan Bush People - Breaking Free  : After being stuck in Ketchikan, the Browns are ready to return to the wild.
12:00 AMAlaskan Bush People - Return to the Wild  : After avoiding disaster on the seas, the family seeks help from an old friend.
1:00 AMAlaskan Bush People - Welcome to Browntown  : When the boys' skills seem rusty, they must prove to Billy that they still have what it takes.
2:00 AMAlaskan Bush People - Birdy Get Your Gun  : The family searches for food in the woods, and realize there is stiff competition there.
3:00 AMBermuda Triangle Exposed: Some 440,000-square miles of sea form the triangular area notorious for disappearances.
4:00 AMBermuda Triangle: New Evidence: Researchers turn to science to help solve the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.
5:00 AMYellowstone: Brink of Disaster: Researchers at Yellowstone National Park use technology to understand triggers of a tragic event.
6:00 AMBering Sea Gold - No Place Like Nome  : The Pomrenkes battle land and sea to vie for new gold-rich mining ground.
7:00 AMBering Sea Gold - Big Cold Gold  : Shawn's million dollar Bluff claim is denied, leaving the grounds open to anyone.
8:00 AMBering Sea Gold - Cold War  : Shawn and Kris square off when the Kelly family invades Shawn's turf at the Bluff.
9:00 AMNaked and Afraid - Edge of Madness  : Survivalists endure Guyana's equatorial savannah, battling health issues.
10:00 AMNaked and Afraid - Melt Down Under  : Survivalists take on windstorms, freezing temperatures and cultural friction in Australia's Outback.
11:00 AMNaked and Afraid - Washed Out  : An extreme athlete and a book smart bartender face an Ecuadorian cloud forest where it rains daily.
12:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Bad Blood  : Survivalists take on the arid lakebeds of Nicaragua and their deadly predators.
1:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Frozen in Fear  : In Canada, a marine biologist and a special forces veteran face a harsh environment.
2:00 PMNaked and Afraid - The Danger Within  : Survivalists in the Seminole Forest of Florida must contend with huge alligators and black bears.
3:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Unhinged  : Survivalists face constant downpours, cabin fever and predators in the Panamanian Jungle.
4:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Rise Above  : In the Amazonia jungle survivalists face constant rain and a lack of resources.
5:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Lost at Sea  : For the first time on the show, a divemaster and a Navy Seal become stranded at sea.
6:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Texan Torture  : A surfer from Hawaii and an ex-military take on the Texas countryside and a potentially fatal flood.
7:00 PMNaked and Afraid - The Hunted  : A mother of four and a country boy get dropped into the jaguar-filled jungle of Belize.
8:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Rain of Terror  : A mom and an adventure addict drop into the cloud forest of Ecuador.
9:00 PMNaked and Afraid: Uncensored - Stone Cold  : An Army vet and a newly married man grapple with gender norms in the mountains of Croatia.
10:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Belize Breakdown  : Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley and YouTuber Cory Williams survive in the jungles of Belize.
11:01 PMNaked and Afraid - Arachnid Overload  : Survivalists face deadly spiders and ticks in the jungle of Colombia.
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