20 February 2017

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11:00 PMLaw & Order - The Taxman Cometh: When a young heiress dies of an apparent drug overdose, Lupo and Bernard suspect her cousin.
12:00 AMLaw & Order - Immortal: A man's double life comes to light after he is stabbed to death.
1:00 AMLaw & Order - Love Eternal: A reality TV crew finds a dead man's body locked in a dog cage.
2:00 AMLaw & Order - Rubber Room: Detectives search for an anonymous blogger who has posted plans to blow up a school.
3:00 AMLaw & Order - American Jihad: A man motivated by religious convictions is the prime suspect in a double homicide.
4:00 AMLaw & Order - Paradigm: The sister of an inmate at Abu Ghraib is suspected of murdering a Guardsman.
5:00 AMLaw & Order - The Dead Wives Club: The ex-wife of a firefighter who married a rich Sept. 11 widow is suspected of murder.
6:00 AMArrow - Salvation: A man embarks on a killing and kidnapping spree and announces that Arrow was his inspiration.
7:00 AMCharmed - The Witch Is Back: Prue is attacked by a warlock, but Phoebe calls on an ancestor for protection.
8:00 AMCharmed - Wicca Envy: The Halliwell sisters fall under the control of Prue's boss, who frames Prue for grand larceny.
9:00 AMCharmed - Feats of Clay: Phoebe's ex-boyfriend shows up with a stolen and cursed Egyptian urn.
10:00 AMSupernatural - Man's Best Friend With Benefits: After turning to witchcraft, a police officer has nightmares in which he murders innocent people.
11:00 AMSupernatural - Remember the Titans: Sam and Dean investigate a possible zombie case where a man dies and revives himself once a day.
12:00 PMSupernatural - Goodbye Stranger: Castiel tells Dean and Sam that Crowley has unleashed multiple demons in a small town.
1:00 PMSupernatural - Freaks and Geeks: Dean and Sam make a surprising discovery as they investigate some recent vampire deaths.
2:00 PMBones - Death in the Saddle: The team investigates a footless, decomposed corpse found in the woods.
3:00 PMBones - The Secret in the Soil: The founder of an organic supermarket chain is found dead, Brennan and Booth suspect a rival farmer.
4:00 PMBones - Mummy in the Maze: Brennan and Booth must find a killer by Halloween or there will be another death.
5:00 PMBones - Intern in the Incinerator: The team suspects colleagues when an intern's remains are found in an incinerator.
6:00 PMBones - Boy in the Time Capsule: A time capsule buried 20 years earlier holds the corpse of an adolescent.
7:00 PMBones - The Knight on the Grid: Construction workers find an archbishop's body with the kneecaps surgically removed.
8:00 PMJack the Giant Slayer: A young farmhand unwittingly opens a portal between his land and a world of fearsome giants.
10:30 PMGodzilla: Human beings become caught in the middle when Godzilla and malevolent foes battle for supremacy.