28 September 2016

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10:05 PMRocky Balboa: Aging Rocky's plan to fight a few small matches escalates into a battle with the world champion.
12:00 AMInside the NFL - 2016: Week 3: Highlights and analysis of the third week.
1:00 AMA Season With Florida State Football: The team battles the USF Bulls in Tampa.
1:30 AMHostel Part II: A weekend excursion becomes horrific for three American women in Europe.
3:05 AMThe Condemned: Prisoners from all over the world fight to the death, while a live Internet audience watches.
5:00 AMBravetown: After an accidental drug overdose, a talented teenage DJ goes to live with his estranged father.
7:00 AMRat Race: Gamblers frantically search for a bag containing $2 million.
9:00 AMPassion of Mind: The line between fantasy and reality blurs for a woman who is living a second life in her dreams.
11:00 AMThe Duff: A teen vows to reinvent herself after learning that she's been given an embarrassing nickname.
12:45 PMPublic Enemy: Live From Metropolis Studios: The artists perform fan favorites at the Metropolis Sound Studio in London.
1:45 PMRefuge: A family struggles to survive after a catastrophic event.
3:00 PMRevolutionary Road: Two suburbanites in 1950s Connecticut become stuck in an increasingly stifling life.
5:00 PMGirl on the Edge: A troubled teenager has to choose to accept her recovery or succumb to the trauma of her past.
6:45 PMThe Duff: A teen vows to reinvent herself after learning that she's been given an embarrassing nickname.
8:30 PMMasters of Sex - The Pleasure Protocol  : Masters and Johnson adjust to their new partners, but second-guess their instincts to remain apart.
9:30 PMSpring Breakers: Four friends are bailed out of jail by an arms dealer to do dirty work.
11:05 PMGigolos - The Spurt Locker  : Bradley seeks help from the others when he is challenged to surpass a client's wildest fantasies.
11:35 PMGigolos - Make Mine a Double  : Brace worries over a woman's intentions when she hires him and Nick.
12:00 AMLocal Programming