23 September 2017

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11:10 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Our Growing Pack: A California man hopes to find a new dog while he battles cancer; Lizzy rescues a sick dog.
12:10 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Hounded: When adopted dog mysteriously appears in a Mississippi shelter, Tania and Earl head to the rescue.
1:10 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - On the Run: Tia and her team track down a pit bull that has been living wild in a local park.
2:08 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - First Time for Everything: Rescuing tied up dog in abandoned house proves to be challenge; health scare puts adoption at risk.
3:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - A Long Time Coming: Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, a survivor has chance at forever home; celebrating 100 episodes.
4:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Unleashed: Tia takes a deeper look at some of the fans' favorite stories; including never before seen footage.
5:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Presents: Hounded: Tia turns to a parolee and his new wife for help when a lovable but troublesome dog needs a home.
6:00 AMTanked - Fish Out of Water  : Designing a shark tank for an orthodontist and a custom refrigerator tank for an appliance store.
7:00 AMTanked - Panama City Beach Tank  : ATM builds a nautical themed, cylindrical tank for the Laketown Wharf resort in Panama City Beach.
8:00 AMTanked - Shark Byte  : Computer component manufacturer Samtec wants ATM to build a 20-foot-long shark tank.
9:00 AMTanked - Alyssa's Charmed Tank  : Actress, activist and entrepreneur Alyssa Milano asks Wayde and Brett to make a tank for her family.
10:00 AMTanked - The Miami Heat Is On!  : Seven-foot-tall NBA star Hassan Whiteside wants a tank so big, it won't fit through the front door.
11:00 AMTanked - Real Aquariums of Beverly Hills  : Star of `` The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'' Erika Girardi AKA Erika Jayne wants octopus tank.
12:00 PMTanked - Wyclef's Tank is Ready, or Not?  : World-famous music producer Wyclef Jean has two tank emergencies.
1:00 PMBuying the Yukon - Triple Threat Log Homes  : High school sweethearts seek a Yukon dream home that includes a view of the northern lights.
1:30 PMBuying the Yukon - Outhouse Obsession  : A pregnant aircraft engineer hopes to buy a home in a rural setting with many acres.
2:00 PMBuying the Beach - Island of Seclusion  : A health conscious couple looks to move from the heartland to the beach.
2:30 PMBuying the Beach - Island Millionaire  : Couple is ready to upgrade to a million dollar home with million dollar beach views.
3:00 PMNorth Woods Law - Life on the Border  : Warden encounters drunk driver with a gun; law enforcement needs to find armed suicidal man.
4:00 PMNorth Woods Law - Takedown  : The wardens keep an eye out for night hunters and track down deer poacher as big game season begins.
5:00 PMNorth Woods Law - The Nick of Time  : Hunters shooting from their vehicles; furious group of armed hunters surround Warden Lounder.
6:00 PMNorth Woods Law - Judgment Day  : Simmons and McKenney handle poached moose case; Craven and McBrine investigate illegal bird hunting.
7:00 PMNorth Woods Law - Occupational Hazards  : In Maine, Warden Herring comes across a sprawling illegal encampment on private property.
8:00 PMNorth Woods Law - Truth or Consequences  : A hunter and a witness disagree about the truth; a trespassing target shooter.
9:00 PMNorth Woods Law: Protect and Preserve - Manhunt  : Officer Glen Lucas races to the scene of an ATV accident; a home gets broken into.
10:00 PMNorth Woods Law - Blindsided  : Officer Hannett tries to capture an injured goose; Officer MacFadzen deals with a hawk.
11:01 PMNorth Woods Law - The Rescuers  : Wardens mentor kid wardens at Camp North Woods; injured hiker; hurt porcupine; teenage runaway.
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