29 January 2015

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10:00 PMDelivery Man: A sperm donor discovers that 142 of the children he fathered have filed a lawsuit to find him.
12:00 AMNational Lampoon's Barely Legal: Three sex-obsessed teenagers try to find actors to perform in a pornographic movie.
1:35 AMValentine's Day: A police detective falls in love with the beautiful woman he is following.
3:10 AMAlmost Kings: A teen must decide whether to follow in his brother's footsteps or find a new path for himself.
4:45 AMRide in the Whirlwind: Two out of three cowboys run for their lives after meeting up with outlaws and a lynch-law posse.
6:10 AMHow to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog: A jaded playwright contends with a rewrite and with his wife's desire to have a child.
8:00 AMBig Business: Mismatched at birth, two sets of twins meet as opposites in Manhattan and confuse a corporate deal.
9:40 AMJerry and Tom: An apprentice learns from a seasoned hit man in Chicago, where they work at a used-car dealership.
11:20 AMA Case of You: Rejected by the girl of his dreams, a writer creates an online alter ego that makes her swoon.
12:55 PMCocktail: The hottest bartender in Manhattan leaves his partner, goes to Jamaica and falls for a nice girl.
2:40 PMDead Poets Society: A prep-school teacher in 1959 New England rouses seven of his students with poetry.
4:50 PMFearless: A master of martial arts must defend China's honor against his country's enemies.
6:35 PMThe Facility: Eight volunteers fight for their lives when a drug trial goes horribly wrong.
8:00 PMSinister: A true-crime novelist uncovers a supernatural force behind the gruesome murders of a family.
10:00 PMGet Rich or Die Tryin': A drug dealer wants to leave his violent life behind and pursue his dream of becoming a rap artist.