2 September 2014

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10:30 PMPortrait of Jennie: A New York artist paints a picture of a strange beauty from another era.
12:15 AMMy Left Foot: Born with cerebral palsy, Irish Christy Brown uses an unafflicted foot to paint and write.
2:15 AMThe Crying Game: An IRA underling meets the lover of a British soldier he has been ordered to execute.
4:15 AMOverlord: A young British soldier and his mind are followed from his induction to his D-Day fate.
6:00 AMTCM Presents Under the Influence - Bill Murray: Actor Bill Murray discusses his favorite films, actors and roles.
6:30 AMOur Town: A narrator relates a couple's tale of life, love and death in New Hampshire.
8:00 AMRachel and the Stranger: A frontier widower treats his bride like a servant, until a passing stranger pays her attention.
9:30 AMForce of Arms: An Army sergeant and a WAC lieutenant fall in love, marry and are separated in World War II Italy.
11:15 AMThe Moon Is Blue: An architect and a playboy fall for a flirt whose allure is her innocence.
1:00 PMExecutive Suite: Four VPs and a junior executive jockey for power in a company run by the founder's daughter.
3:00 PMToward the Unknown: A shaken Korean veteran proves himself testing the X-2 rocket plane at Edwards Air Force Base.
5:00 PMThe Bridge on the River Kwai: A British POW colonel orders his men to build their Japanese captor a railway bridge in the jungle.
8:00 PMThe Jazz Singer: Cantor's son Jakie Rabinowitz changes his name to Jack Robin and works his way to Broadway.
9:45 PMThe Jazz Singer: Jewish cantor's son returns from Korea, goes into show business.
11:45 PMHester Street: A Russian Jew adapts to 1890s New York while waiting for his wife and child to arrive.