1 September 2015

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11:15 PMThe Battle of Russia: This part of Frank Capra's ``Why We Fight'' series shows the Nazis at Moscow and Stalingrad.
12:45 AMThe Negro Soldier: Filmmaker Frank Capra profiles the role of black soldiers in America's World War II efforts.
1:40 AMPrivate Snafu vs. Malaria Mike: Private Snafu faces a new enemy as mosquito Malaria Mike threatens to spread disease. Animated.
1:45 AMTunisian Victory: Battle footage with commentary on the British-American military campaign in WWII North Africa.
3:30 AMThe Battle of Britain: Great Britain's stand against the Nazi war machine after the Dunkirk evacuation.
4:25 AMSnafuperman: Private Snafu becomes the world's dumbest superhero when he fails to read his training manuals.
4:30 AMKnow Your Ally: Britain: An introduction of British culture made for the American armed forces.
5:15 AMWar Comes to America: Director Frank Capra's World War II ``Why We Fight'' series ends with this portrait of the people.
6:30 AMRockabye: A New York actress loses custody of her daughter because of men.
7:45 AMOur Betters: An American hardware heiress marries a lord and shocks London society with her parties.
9:15 AMSusan and God: A socialite annoys her husband and friends with the new religion she brings home from England.
11:15 AMTwo-Faced Woman: A woman poses as her tempting twin sister to test her husband's fidelity in Manhattan.
1:00 PMA Woman's Face: A Swedish plastic surgeon brings out the good side of a bad woman.
3:00 PMHer Cardboard Lover: A Florida socialite expects her male secretary to keep her amorous ex-husband at bay.
4:45 PMThe Actress: Supported by her mother, a New Englander finally tells her salty father she wants to be an actress.
6:30 PMIt Should Happen to You: An executive and a filmmaker woo a model famous for having her name on a billboard.
8:00 PMA Man Called Horse: A captured English lord survives Dakota rituals.
10:00 PMBarry Lyndon: Thackeray's 18th-century Irish rogue woos and wins a rich widow, then plays aristocrat.