18 October 2017

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11:01 PM'90s House - The One With the Movie Posters  : The housemates are put through a movie challenge that brings rivalries to a head.
12:02 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling L  : Chanel and Sterling; ``Bro Burials''; ``Lil' Trunkies''; ``Speed Bumping.''
12:32 AMRidiculousness - Wee Man and Preston  : Jackass veterans Wee Man and Preston watch imitators try to recreate ``Human Bowling.''
1:02 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling XIX  : Sterling and Chanel; ``The Slamptons''; ``Sea Cappys''; ``Gingeries.''
1:32 AMRidiculousness - Wiz Khalifa  : Wiz Khalifa; ``Grass Is Your Friend''; ``Human Magnets''; ``Makeshift Thrill Rides.''
2:02 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling XXXII  : Chanel and Sterling; ``White Whines''; ``Animals Anonymous''; ``Slamburbia.''
2:32 AMRidiculousness - Mike Epps  : Mike Epps; ``Getting Zombied''; ``Save It for Later''; ``Bond or Burial Money.''
3:00 AMRidiculousness - Nick Swardson  : Nick Swardson; ``Old and Horny''; ``Day Drunks''; ``My Car's a D...''
3:30 AMRidiculousness - Rick Ross  : Rapper Rick Ross; ``Hood Hundredaire''; ``Rich Forever''; ``Like a Boss.''
4:00 AMRidiculousness - Steve Aoki  : Steve Aoki; ``Instant Yoga''; ``Mess-tivals.''
4:30 AMRidiculousness - Chris ``Drama'' Pfaff II  : Chris ``Drama'' Pfaff; ``Fully Reckless''; ``Sketchy Flights''; ``Life Savers.''
5:00 AMRidiculousness - Eddie Huang  : Eddie Huang; ``Hot Trash''; ``Fresh Off the Boat''; bad drivers.
5:30 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling  : Chanel and Sterling; ``Redneck Good Times''; ``Random Tackles''; ``Animal Revenge.''
6:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Jarrod & Abby  : Jarrod falls for someone on Facebook, but she is refusing to see him.
7:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Kayla & Courtney  : A woman receives a message from someone claiming to be channeling the spirit of her father.
8:30 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Jose & Jay  : Jasmine writes to Nev and Max asking for help for a friend that they have helped before.
9:30 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Andrew & Zach  : After believing he has met the perfect match, a text message from a friend contains a revelation.
10:30 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Candic & Titus  : Candic decides to finally come clean with her husband about texting with a man named Titus.
11:30 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Kelsie & Brandon  : After years of endless excuses, a woman wants Nev and Max to find out who her online love is.
12:30 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Larissa & Anthony  : After being catfished by her best friend, Larissa turns to another online friend for support.
1:30 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Kailani & Sam  : When Kailani falls for her gay friend's online ex-boyfriend, Nev and Max investigate.
2:30 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Robin & Wayne  : Robin desperately wants to meet her hunky, long-distance love in person.
3:30 PMTRL
4:30 PMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - LeSean McCoy; Todrick Hall; SNS & KidTheWiz: LeSean McCoy; Todrick Hall; ``Eat Dat Ass Up''; ``Starting Lineup''; SNS and KidTheWiz perform.
5:00 PMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Jake Miller; Shameik Moore: Nick Cannon, Jake Miller, and Shameik Moore battle it out in games; ``Sex Flix and Chill.''
5:30 PMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Vic Mensa; Method Man: Vic Mensa; Method Man; ``Let Me Holla''; ``Pick Up''; ``Kill It''; ``Hip Hop History.''
6:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Robert & Ashleigh  : With news he may not have long to live, Robert asks Nev and Max to bring his online love to him.
7:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Lucas & Many  : Jayme learns that her online boyfriend is fake and that he is catfishing other women as well.
8:00 PMTeen Mom 2 - Emotional Roller Coaster: Kailyn's St. Thomas vacation gets dramatic; Briana learns news about Stella; tension stirs.
9:00 PMTeen Mom 2 - Most Memorable Meltdowns: Times the cast melted down.
10:01 PMAre You the One? - Jelly AF  : The house erupts into chaos when Kareem's attraction to Zoe pushes Alivia to tears.
11:02 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Dylan & Ally  : A man receives an anonymous text warning him that his online love is not who she says she is.
12:02 AMLocal Programming