17 September 2014

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10:50 PMGetaway: A former race-car driver and his young passenger embark on a high-speed mission to save his wife.
12:25 AMLife on Top Feature 6: Let's Talk About Sex: A compilation of episodes from the second season of the erotic series.
1:50 AMHalloween H2O: 20 Years Later: In hiding for two decades, a traumatized woman learns her murderous brother has returned for her.
3:20 AMLingerie - Exposed: Nicole's secret could destroy her relationship with Cody; Marilyn uncovers dirt on Giovanna.
3:50 AMPhat Girlz: Two large women struggle to find love and acceptance within a world obsessed with thinness.
7:00 AMMAX on Set - Now You See Me  : Behind the scenes of the comedy-action film starring Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo.
7:15 AMDisconnect: A boy becomes a victim of cyberbullying in one of three tales centering around the Internet.
9:10 AMThe Long Kiss Goodnight: A woman gradually remembers her past as government assassin.
11:15 AMThe Legend of Hercules: Hercules is exiled and sold into slavery because of a forbidden love.
1:00 PMEscape Plan: A security expert and an inmate must break out of the world's toughest prison.
3:00 PMThe Interpreter: A U.N. translator overhears an assassination plot.
5:15 PMThe Internship: Two older, unemployed salesmen must compete with younger, smarter candidates for slots at Google.
7:15 PMGothika: Strange events plague a confined psychologist.
9:00 PMThe Knick - They Capture the Heat: Barrow seeks to pay down a debt by treating one of Collier's men; Barrow wants an Edison invention.
9:50 PMThe Legend of Hercules: Hercules is exiled and sold into slavery because of a forbidden love.
11:30 PMR.I.P.D.: Unusual lawmen hunt spirits who try to escape final judgment by hiding among the living.