24 May 2017

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11:48 PMMama's Family - Gift Horse: Iola discovers her handmade gifts to family members are being sold at the Harpers' garage sale.
12:20 AMGreen Acres - It's Human to Be Humane: Lisa cures her boredom by appointing herself the Hooterville humane officer.
12:53 AMGreen Acres - Never Take Your Wife to a Convention: A former gangster offers to organize Oliver's farming activities.
1:26 AMGreen Acres - The Computer Age: A computer program evaluates the Douglases' level of compatibility.
2:00 AMGreen Acres - Never Start Talking Unless Your Voice Comes Out: Oliver arouses his neighbors' curiosity when he receives a letter from Washington.
2:30 AMGreen Acres - The Beverly Hillbillies: The town of Hooterville puts on their own version of ``The Beverly Hillbillies.''
3:00 AMGreen Acres - Lisa's Vegetable Garden: Lisa's attempt to start a vegetable garden grows more bills than food.
3:30 AMGreen Acres - The Saucer Season: Eb's story about seeing alien life in Hooterville gets out, and tourists flock to town.
4:00 AMSilver Spoons - Changes: Ricky's in for a surprise when he thinks a girl has a crush on him.
4:30 AMSilver Spoons - A Summer's Romance: Edward's former girlfriend arrives and is determined to win back his love.
5:00 AMSilver Spoons - A Summer's Romance: Kate wants to break up with Edward when his ex-girlfriend arrives on the scene.
5:30 AMSilver Spoons - Spare the Rod: One of Ricky's friends is being abused, and Ricky finds out about it.
6:00 AMSoap: The jury reaches a verdict; Corinne and Father Tim come to a decision about their future.
6:30 AMSoap: Chester is suicidal; Burt sees Dennis; Mrs. Flotsky is angry.
7:30 AMSoap: The real murderer of Peter Campbell is revealed; Chester gets put in the same cell as Dutch.
8:00 AMSoap: Danny weds Elaine; Chester and Dutch flee; Carol tells Jodie she's pregnant.
8:30 AMSoap: The wedding of Corinne and Tim is disrupted by the groom's mother.
9:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Out of Peekskill: Mrs. Garrett must choose between staying in Peekskill or following her boyfriend to Africa.
9:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Out of Peekskill: When Mrs. Garrett decides to marry and move to Africa, her sister moves in with the girls.
10:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Ready or Not: The girls fear that Tootie and her boyfriend are becoming too serious.
10:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Another Room: Jo finds it difficult to pay her share of transforming the attic into a loft.
11:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Off Broadway Baby: Tootie has competition for a Broadway audition.
11:30 AMOne Day at a Time - Back to School: Ann considers returning to college part time.
12:00 PMOne Day at a Time - Pressure: Barbara's boyfriend pressures her into consummating their relationship.
12:32 PMOne Day at a Time - Julie's Wedding: Julie announces her engagement to a guy she has known for only a week.
1:04 PMOne Day at a Time - Julie's Wedding: Julie's wedding plans are complicated by the best man.
1:37 PMOne Day at a Time - Home Again, Home Again: An airline strike leaves the Horvaths homeless.
2:10 PMAlice - Alice's Big Four-Oh!: On the eve of Alice's 40th birthday, her mother visits and convinces her that she's over the hill.
2:42 PMAlice - Mel's Cousin, Wendell: Mel's nerdy cousin Wendell comes to visit and turns to Mel for advice on how to woo Vera.
3:14 PMAlice - Vera and the Bouncing Check: Vera causes trouble for Mel when she cashes an old school friend's check at the diner.
3:48 PMAlice - After Mel's Gone: Mel's beneficiaries start squabbling over what they will get when he passes away.
4:18 PMAlice - Mel's Christmas Carol: Mel is visited by his partner's ghost on Christmas Eve.
4:50 PMRoseanne - Good Girls, Bad Girls: Roseanne begins to worry when Darlene and next-door neighbor Molly are late from a rock concert.
5:22 PMRoseanne - Of Ice and Men: Jackie turns to Roseanne for support when her affair with Fisher comes to an end.
5:54 PMRoseanne - No Place Like Home for the Holidays: A Christmas Eve snowstorm strands Roseanne and Nana Mary at the diner.
6:26 PMRoseanne - Crime and Punishment: Roseanne confronts Jackie about spending all her time with her beau.
6:58 PMRoseanne - War and Peace: Roseanne sends Darlene to bail Dan out of jail while she takes Jackie to the hospital.
7:29 PMRoseanne - Lanford Daze: The Lanford Days celebration features country singer Loretta Lynn and D.J. preparing for a play.
8:00 PMMarried ... With Children - Get the Dodge Out of Hell: A hidden item of Al's is lost when the family Dodge doesn't make it out of the car wash.
8:33 PMMarried ... With Children - 25 Years and What Do You Get?: A mad search ensues after Buck buries Peg's belated anniversary present somewhere in the backyard.
9:05 PMMarried ... With Children - Ship Happens: Al realizes his worst nightmare when the Bundys and D'Arcys go on a dream vacation to the Caribbean.
9:38 PMMarried ... With Children - Ship Happens: The cruise ship sinks, leaving the Bundys in a life boat with Gilbert Gottfried.
10:10 PMMarried ... With Children - Something Larry This Way Comes: Al must participate in Kelly's screen test after her acting instructor gets decked by his boss.
10:43 PMMarried ... With Children - And Bingo Was Her Game-O: Peggy and Marcy have to find a way home after Al forgets to pick them up from a bingo tournament.
11:15 PMMarried ... With Children - User Friendly: Bud's attitude and lifestyle change after he becomes involved in a study of human sexuality.
11:48 PMMarried ... With Children - Pump Fiction: Al helps Kelly make a documentary on shoes for her acting class.
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