25 December 2014

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11:03 PMSwamp Christmas: It's Christmas time and swampers are getting ready for the holidays season.
12:01 AMAmerican Pickers - Where's Aldo?: The guys pick a funeral home and a prosthetic limb factory; Aldo's stockpile of vintage toys.
1:01 AMAmerican Pickers - Plymouth Rocks: Mike discovers a 100-year-old turbo-charged hot rod; a massive man cave yields sweet deals.
2:01 AMAmerican Pickers - The More You No: Mike, Frank, Danielle and Robbie hit a roadblock when a seller won't let go of a one-of-a-kind find.
3:04 AMSwamp Christmas: It's Christmas time and swampers are getting ready for the holidays season.
4:02 AMKeith Urban The Player Series Guitar & Lessons: 30 Songs in 30 Days: Music superstar Keith Urban can teach you 30 songs in 30 days with his new guitar & lesson package!
4:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:00 AM5 Star Holiday cleaning for Holiday Shine! Shark Powered Lift-Away!: No Loss Suction Vacuum - Dusting brush, Pet Upholstery Tool, Free Lifetime Warranty, Free Steam Mop.
5:30 AMNew NutriBullet Rx Makes Hot Soup and Get a Free Original NutriBullet!: The New Powerful NutriBullet Rx makes hot soup! Order today and get the Original NutriBullet Free!
6:00 AMFast Joint Relief: The answer for Joint Pain in a delicious drink!
6:30 AMNever Fear Power Outages: Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with Generac - the most trusted name.
7:00 AMModern Marvels - Snow: The benefits and perils of snow.
8:00 AMModern Marvels - Christmas Tech: Tree preparation at Rockefeller Center.
9:00 AMThe Real Story of Christmas: Early tales of Santa Claus and Ebenezer Scrooge join accounts of Christmas traditions.
10:00 AMA Very Shelby Christmas: The Swampman gives back as Shelby prepares to deliver goodies to his favorite people.
10:30 AMAmerican Restoration - One Horse Open Sleigh: An horse drawn sleigh is brought to the shop needing a total transformation for the holidays.
11:00 AMPawn Stars - A Very Vegas Christmas: The guys get together for a Christmas barbecue; a debate on the best and worst deals ever made.
12:00 PMPawn Stars - Another Christmas Story: The guys compete in a Christmas card competition; an original puppet from ``Creature Shop.''
1:00 PMPawn Stars - Confederate Conundrum: Questions are raised about a Civil War sword's authenticity.
1:30 PMPawn Stars - Plane Crazy: Map of Colonial Boston; fake art; airplane.
2:00 PMPawn Stars - Fired Up: Airplane propeller possibly linked to Charles Lindbergh; 1750s flintlock musketoon.
2:30 PMPawn Stars - Old Man's Booty: The guys have a chance to buy a mysterious, 17th-century treasure chest that no one can open.
3:00 PMPawn Stars - Rough Riders: The Pawn Stars have an opportunity to buy an 1875 Remington pistol; Rick and a Civil War bugle.
3:30 PMPawn Stars - Case Closed: Case file from the Lindbergh baby kidnapping; 17th century musketoon; a 1974 Lotus Europa.
4:00 PMPawn Stars - Pawn Illustrated: An 18th century half-size musket; WWII pilot's jacket from the P-38 Lightning; Sports Illustrated.
4:30 PMPawn Stars - Air Mail: The guys check out a huge collection of minibikes from the 1970s; early 1900s baseball bat.
5:00 PMPawn Stars - Zoodoo: An autographed collection of presidential memoirs; Robby the Robot; Zoo Doo brand elephant manure.
5:30 PMPawn Stars - What You Talkin' 'Bout Sturgis?: The guys give Chumlee a customized Harley-Davidson FXR for his birthday; 1940s airplane propeller.
6:00 PMPawn Stars - Sturgis and Acquisitions: The guys head to the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally; Rick spots a 1966 Honda CB160 motorcycle.
6:30 PMPawn Stars - Rebel, Rebel: Rick and Corey check out a letter written by George Washington; a Bob's Big Boy statue.
7:00 PMPawn Stars - Gnarly Harley: Customized 1951 Harley-Davidson; early 1900s crank organ; Rick needs a manicure.
7:30 PMPawn Stars - New Old Man: A Confederate children's schoolbook reports to the shop. Find out how the guys score.
8:00 PMPawn Stars - Motorcycle Mayhem: A Harley-Davidson Sportster comes into the shop; Rick looks at a painting of Ho Chi Minh.
8:30 PMPawn Stars - Generation Gap: A Roman shield movie prop from Cleopatra comes into the shop; the guys discuss their generations.
9:00 PMPawn Stars - Greatest Haggles: The team negotiates for a 1932 Ford roadster, a valuable Les Paul guitar and other items.
9:30 PMPawn Stars - Saddle Up: An Abraham Lincoln campaign poster used in 1864 re-election campaign comes into the shop.
10:00 PMPawn Stars - A Very Vegas Christmas: The guys get together for a Christmas barbecue; a debate on the best and worst deals ever made.
11:03 PMPawn Stars - The Adventures of Corey & Chum: A one-of-a-kind Gibson guitar; a set of unopened Star Wars action figures; a pair of pistols.
11:32 PMPawn Stars - Kings and McQueens: 19th century shotgun-cane; 1940 Indian Motorcycle; a book printed by Benjamin Franklin.