6 May 2015

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11:30 PMMark & Derek's Excellent Flip - The Master Suite  : The guys must finish the master suite in a week to have it ready by the open house.
12:00 AMFlip or Flop
12:30 AMFlip or Flop - Junk Yard Flip  : Tarek and Christina find a small house with a huge structure in the backyard in Long Beach, Calif.
1:00 AMHouse Hunters
1:30 AMHouse Hunters International
2:00 AMMark & Derek's Excellent Flip - The Exterior  : Mark and Derek hope to attract potential buyers by adding stucco and siding to the house.
2:30 AMMark & Derek's Excellent Flip - The Master Suite  : The guys must finish the master suite in a week to have it ready by the open house.
3:00 AMFlip or Flop - Foreclosure Shock  : Bidding on a distant property without a preview.
3:30 AMFlip or Flop - Mid-Century Flip  : A home in Long Beach, Calif., seems like a typical project for Tarek and Christina.
4:00 AMSpring into Healthier Living! Easy with Ninja Once Touch Intelligence: Break down whole foods, ice & seeds for nutrient & vitamin extraction in the Nutri Ninja Cups.
4:30 AMSwiss Army Knife on Wheels!: Helps Make Light Work of Heavy Jobs in your Home, Yard, and Jobsite!
5:00 AMJillian Michaels BODYSHRED: Get a Strong, Sexy and SHREDDED Body: Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED is 10 incredible 30-minute workouts to totally transform your body.
5:30 AMGood.Clean.Fun!: Julie shares her newest discovery- the Krcher Follow Me 4-wheel electric pressure washers.
6:00 AMTravel Secrets from Dave & Connor O'Leary: Dave & Connor O'Leary share their travels and their secret for booking vacations on a budget.
6:30 AMThe High Low Project: A family wants a formal living room with a multitude of seating options.
7:00 AMThe Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie - The Family Room, Outdoors: An outdoor space has room for lounging, entertaining and family sports.
7:30 AMProperty Virgins - What Mama Wants, Mama Gets: Newlyweds search for a starter home in Atlanta.
8:00 AMProperty Virgins - Independence Day: A college graduate wants to find a condo in Atlanta.
8:30 AMProperty Virgins - The Heart of It All: A couple wants to find a downtown condo in Atlanta.
9:00 AMProperty Virgins - Double Trouble: A couple cannot decide on a location for the family.
9:30 AMProperty Virgins - Sibling Rivalry: A man searches for a bachelor pad in Atlanta.
10:00 AMProperty Virgins - Just the Beginning: A couple wants to find a home in a swanky neighborhood on a limited budget.
10:30 AMProperty Virgins - For the Birds: Newlywed zookeepers need to find a budget-friendly home in Tampa, Fla.
11:00 AMProperty Virgins - Tall Order: With an ample budget, a couple looks for a family-sized home in a popular Tampa, Fla., neighborhood.
11:30 AMProperty Virgins
12:00 PMHouse Hunters: A woman searches for a wheelchair accessible home in Spartanburg, S.C.
12:30 PMHouse Hunters International: A woman is eager to feel at home in Frankfurt, Germany, after a transfer.
1:00 PMBuying and Selling - Zane & Marie  : Parents need a bigger home, but must spruce up their property so it will sell.
2:00 PMBuying and Selling - Dan & Voula 
3:00 PMBuying and Selling - Michael & Kathy  : Kathy and Michael need to sell their home for top dollar.
4:00 PMBuying and Selling - Daniel & Iris  : A multi-generational family needs to find a more spacious home.
5:00 PMBuying and Selling - Barry & Corrina  : Barry and Corrina's cluttered home must sell before their son loses his spot at a top-notch school.
6:00 PMBuying and Selling - Chip & Danielle  : A busy family is eager to relocate to a bigger property, but they are held back.
7:00 PMBuying and Selling - Kristin & Greg  : A family of seven needs more room.
8:00 PMProperty Brothers - Shannon & Darl  : An expectant couple has just months to find a new home.
9:00 PMProperty Brothers - Belinda & Tiago  : A couple who will soon be married wants to move out of their parents' homes.
10:00 PMHouse Hunters
10:30 PMHouse Hunters International
11:00 PMProperty Brothers - Marla & Adam  : Marla and Adam look to move out of her mom's place.
12:00 AMLocal Programming