6 May 2015

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9:30 PMNHL Hockey - Anaheim Ducks at Calgary Flames: The Anaheim Ducks put their perfect post-season record on the line against the Calgary Flames.
12:30 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Poison: A mother becomes Stabler and Benson's prime suspect in the poisoning of her adopted son.
1:30 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Liberties: A judge asks Benson and Stabler to question a convicted serial killer.
2:30 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Silence: A priest is the prime suspect in the murder of a transsexual.
3:30 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Chameleon: The detectives uncover a series of murders that may be the work of a female killer.
4:30 AMLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit - Hooked: The detectives find that a murdered teen girl was a prostitute who contracted HIV while working.
5:30 AMChrisley Knows Best - Anger Management  : Todd learns that he has high blood pressure, and blames his family for the ailment.
6:00 AMChrisley Knows Best - Not So Sweet Sixteen  : Todd struggles with losing his little girl to womanhood; Chase flirts with Savannah's friends.
6:30 AMHow Do You Know: A woman becomes caught in a love triangle involving a baseball player and a businessman.
9:00 AMNCIS - Patriot Down: Gibbs makes shocking discoveries while investigating a respected colleague's murder.
10:00 AMNCIS - Rule Fifty-One: Gibbs goes to Mexico to confront a drug cartel intent on revenge.
11:00 AMNCIS - Spider and the Fly: Gibbs must take desperate measures to protect his loved ones with Paloma Reynosa still on the loose.
12:00 PMNCIS - Worst Nightmare: A girl's kidnapping turns into something bigger when her grandfather complicates the investigation.
1:00 PMNCIS - Short Fuse: The team investigates a bomb tech's guarded personal life after she is attacked.
2:00 PMNCIS - Royals and Loyals: When an American officer is killed on a British ship, the team must avoid an international incident.
3:00 PMNCIS - Dead Air: The team uncovers a sinister plan when a controversial DJ and a naval officer are shot to death.
4:00 PMNCIS - Cracked: Abby becomes fixated on solving a murder; DiNozzo's latest fling leads to an interesting Halloween.
5:00 PMNCIS - Broken Arrow: Dinozzo's father (Robert Wagner) returns and plays an important role in a murder investigation.
6:00 PMNCIS - Ships in the Night: The team works to solve the murder of a Marine on a dinner boat.
7:00 PMNHL Hockey - Montreal Canadiens at Tampa Bay Lightning: Game 3 between the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning.
10:00 PMNCIS - Recruited: Dr. Mallard's predecessor, Dr. Magnus, joins the team to help solve a murder at a college fair.
11:00 PMNCIS - Bete Noir: A gun-toting man emerges from a body bag in the autopsy lab to take Ducky, Gerald and Kate hostage.
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