30 September 2016

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11:00 PMAssassins: A veteran hitman embarks upon his final assignment.
1:15 AMThe Love Machine: A gorgeous psychiatrist uses a machine to force her patients to act out dark fantasies.
2:40 AMMimic: Married scientists battle killer cockroaches that develop the ability to assume human form.
4:30 AMJeepers Creepers: Two siblings are pursued by a flesh-eating demon that wants to add them to its menu.
6:05 AMGrumpier Old Men: Kids' wedding, romantic prospect preoccupy retirees.
7:50 AMAnnie Hall: A New York comedian recalls his lost love, a kooky singer with a style all her own.
9:25 AM5 Flights Up: A husband and wife consider selling the apartment they've shared for more than 40 years.
11:00 AMFeast of Love: Friends explore themes of love, pain and happiness through telling their own life stories.
12:45 PMKingsman: The Secret Service: A spy organization recruits an uncouth street kid into its highly competitive training program.
2:55 PMFrequency: A cop makes radio contact with his dead father.
4:55 PMTrue Story: Accused killer Michael Longo lives outside the U.S. under the name of journalist Michael Finkel.
6:40 PMQuarry - You Don't Miss Your Water  : A Vietnam vet is tempted by the criminal lifestyle after returning to Memphis after the war.
8:00 PMQuarry - Figure Four  : Mac looks to pay his debt; Joni is questioned by detectives after the death of a co-worker.
9:00 PMQuarry - A Mouthful of Splinters  : Mac turns to the Broker for help; Moses is on a new assignment.
10:00 PMThe Visit: Two siblings discover a shocking secret about their grandparents while staying at their farm.
11:35 PMThe Reaping: A former Christian missionary who lost her faith now debunks religious phenomena.