25 August 2016

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11:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Meltdown in Bolivia  : Vincent and Sabrina face flash floods and heat exhaustion while surviving in a Bolivian jungle.
12:00 AMNaked and Afraid - Bad Blood  : Survivalists take on the arid lakebeds of Nicaragua and their deadly predators.
1:00 AMNaked and Afraid - Strength in Pain  : Survivalists take on storms, frigid nights and deadly snakes in the Honduras rainforest.
2:00 AMNaked and Afraid - Paradise Lost  : Alana Barfield and Keith Busch attempt to survive on a Fijian island.
3:00 AMBody Beast: Get completely ripped and chiseled in just 90 days.
3:30 AMShark Powered Lift Away is 3 Vacuums In One!: No Loss Suction Vacuum - Dusting brush, Pet Upholstery Tool, Free Lifetime Warranty, Free Steam Mop.
4:00 AMErection Now!: 100 percent Male is an all-natural blend of 7 powerful herbal ingredients that lets you be ready.
4:30 AMJumpstart Your Car From ANYWHERE!: The portable lithium power station that can jump start your car, truck, lawn mower and even boats.
5:00 AMRegrow Hair With The Number 1 Clinically Proven System For Women: Number 1 hair regrowth system exclusively for women. Clinically proven ingredients for fuller hair.
5:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMSave $2700 per year / Fresher Food Today!: The new FoodSaver(R) 2-in-1 system gives you more ways to save.
6:30 AMBISSELL Pet Hair Eraser! New!: Got a pet? The new BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser(R) has what you need to eliminate pet hair and odors.
7:00 AMNewsWatch - Summer Tech and Top TV Shows  : Testing the latest summer technology; hidden cameras; giving a tour of the company office.
7:30 AMLarry King Special Report UPDATE: Larry King investigates Omega XL, the ultimate all natural solution for pain and inflammation.
8:00 AMJoyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life - Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit: How to listen for the Holy Spirit's voice.
8:30 AMCIZE Dance Workout!: Dance your way to a super lean, super sexy body with Shaun T's dance workout revolution CIZE!
9:00 AMBering Sea Gold - The Blizzard  : With less than a week left of mining season, crews battle the clock; a massive storm descends.
10:00 AMBering Sea Gold - The Deadline  : Only one day remains of the season; the miners are determined to prove the risks have been worth it.
11:00 AMBering Sea Gold - The Gamble  : With the mining grounds picked clean, the fleet relies on new tech, claims and opportunities.
12:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Pressure  : Every dredge must adjust to new situations to stay on the gold; Shawn brings in family to help him.
1:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Golden Dreams  : Shawn deals with a setback; Derek and the worst dredge in Alaska; Vernon plans to steal a boat.
2:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Father's Day  : Shawn seeks to give a golden gift to his dad and give his son a dive lesson.
3:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Rock Bottom  : The midpoint of the season approaches; Shawn hopes for an unlikely partnership with Zeke.
4:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Breaking Point  : A lack of gold puts everyone on edge; Shawn's father fails to keep his word; Emily's season may end.
5:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Teamwork  : A blowup at the inland mining site causes tension between the Pomrenkes; Derek must call for help.
6:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Turf War  : Shawn Pomrenke prepares to head to the Bluff; Derek McLarty attempts to trick a distracted Mr. Gold.
7:00 PMBering Sea Gold - All In  : Shawn finally takes the Christine Rose down to the Bluff; Vernon may lose his large investment.
8:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Jackpot  : A showdown at the High Noon as Shawn returns to Nome early and finds Derek on his spot.
9:00 PMBering Sea Gold - Virgin Ground  : A gold rush begins when Shawn Pomrenke offers the fleet access to his virgin claim.
10:02 PMBlue Collar Backers - Meat Your Maker  : Backer Ron Douglas uses his expertise to help a threatened bike shop.
11:03 PMBering Sea Gold - Virgin Ground  : A gold rush begins when Shawn Pomrenke offers the fleet access to his virgin claim.
12:05 AMLocal Programming