25 April 2015

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11:00 PMSex Sent Me to the E.R. - Wax On, Wax Off  : Saving a patient's penis; sudden memory loss after sex; at-home grooming.
12:00 AMUntold Stories of the E.R.: Sex Edition - Secrets  : Patients who landed in the ER after sex-related injuries; from mysterious to bizarre.
1:00 AMUntold Stories of the E.R.: Sex Edition - Temptations  : Outrageous stories of patients who end up in the ER after sex related injuries.
2:00 AMUntold Stories of the ER: Craziest Cases: Ten of the craziest stories from the first 100 episodes of ``Untold Stories.''
3:00 AMRev. Peter Popoff
3:30 AMbareMinerals New Kit! Reduced Price, 3 Free Gifts and Free S&H!: Get the bareMinerals Get Started Kit for $10 off! Experience the look of healthy, beautiful skin.
4:00 AMGo Where Ordinary Vacuums Can't This Spring!: No Loss Suction Vacuum - Dusting brush, Pet Upholstery Tool, Free Lifetime Warranty, Free Steam Mop.
4:30 AMMore Sex, Less Stress: Androzene promotes male sexual health and nourishes the body.
5:00 AM21 DAY FIX
5:30 AMSexy In 2015!: Ready for amazing results in just 3 weeks? Fast results to a sexy new you.
6:00 AMShaun T's Focus T25
6:30 AMJillian Michaels BODYSHRED: Get a Strong, Sexy and SHREDDED Body: Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED is 10 incredible 30-minute workouts to totally transform your body.
7:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
8:00 AMShaun T's Focus T25
8:30 AMSexy In 2015!: Ready for amazing results in just 3 weeks? Fast results to a sexy new you.
9:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress - Apple of His Eye: Missy brings her opinionated brothers; a bride longs for her brother's approval.
9:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress - Not What I Had in Mind: LaQuet looks for a fun gown; Valerie wants a mermaid silhouette until she tries one on.
10:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress - A Mother's Touch: Amanda is mourning a recent loss; Katy wants to use fabric from her late mother's dress.
10:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress - Family Rules: Tanya's outspoken family helps her find a dress; Stella only brings her mother to her first fitting.
11:00 AMSay Yes to the Dress - A Thorn in the Bride's Side: Miss USA Erin Brady looks for her dream dress; Monika wants lots of drama.
11:30 AMSay Yes to the Dress - When in Doubt, Customize: Host Courtney Cason wants a Mark Zunino gown; a ball gown for her New Year's Eve wedding.
12:00 PMSay Yes to the Dress - The Quest for Perfection: An actress on tour with the musical Wicked wants a dress unlike her stage costumes.
12:30 PMSay Yes to the Dress - A Dress Like None the Rest: Actress Sutton Foster searches for a dress; a wedding dress model searches for a special gown.
1:00 PM19 Kids and Counting - Wedding Prep: Painting on a double date while the family has a pizza party; last minute wedding details.
2:00 PM19 Kids and Counting - All About Jessa: Hosting a flag football game; remembering Jessa throughout the years and reliving special moments.
3:00 PM19 Kids and Counting - Jessa's Wedding: Gloomy weather predictions, a huge bridal party and a list of requests for Ben and Jessa's wedding.
5:00 PM19 Kids and Counting - Jill's Having A...: Jill and Derick find out the gender of their baby; a reveal party for the family.
5:30 PM19 Kids and Counting - Birthing Class and Teamwork: With Jill and Jessa gone, Joy now delegates chores; taking the dog for a bath; sewing a present.
6:00 PM19 Kids and Counting - Duggars Say I Do: The Duggar family and wedding planner Sierra reveal tips on how to pull off a special wedding.
7:00 PM19 Kids and Counting - European Honeymoon: Jessa and Ben are off on their romantic honeymoon, traveling to Paris, Rome and Venice as newlyweds.
8:00 PMLong Island Medium - When a Bedroom Door Closes, a Closet Door Opens  : After Larry Jr moves out Theresa gives his old bedroom a makeover; surprising a pregnant woman.
8:30 PMLong Island Medium - Behind the Scenes of Knock & Shock  : Revealing what it took to pull off the first live Knock and Shock; never before seen footage.
9:00 PMLong Island Medium - Never Before Seen  : Reconnecting a couple with their young daughter; bringing closure to a man whose father died.
10:00 PMWho Do You Think You Are? - Melissa Etheridge: Music artist Melissa Etheridge researches her French roots and discovers a scandalous lawsuit.
11:00 PMLong Island Medium - Never Before Seen  : Reconnecting a couple with their young daughter; bringing closure to a man whose father died.
12:00 AMLocal Programming