22 April 2017

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10:00 PMAction in the North Atlantic: Merchant marines fight desperately to keep shipping lanes open during World War II.
12:30 AMThe Spy in Black: A World War I German submarine commander meets two triple agents in the Orkney Islands.
2:15 AMDolemite: A wrongly jailed man and his female kung-fu friends seek vengeance on the rival who put him away.
4:00 AMCleopatra Jones: Federal agent Jones tries to rescue her framed boyfriend from a drug-queen pervert known as Mommy.
6:00 AMIn Name Only: A woman will not give her rich husband a divorce to marry the widow he loves.
8:00 AMThat Midnight Kiss: A Philadelphia debutante talks her opera maestro into giving a GI tenor a chance.
10:00 AMBrute Force: Hatred for a sadistic captain drives a convict and his cellmates to escape.
12:00 PMCluny Brown: A debonair Czech refugee falls for a maid who does plumbing in pre-World War II London.
2:00 PMApril in Paris: A U.S. diplomat escorts a chorus girl mistakenly invited to Paris on behalf of American theater.
4:00 PMA Hard Day's Night: John, Paul, George and Ringo spend 36 wild hours in London, besieged by exuberant fans.
5:45 PMWitness for the Prosecution: An aging barrister defends a man for murder despite damaging testimony from the accused's wife.
8:00 PMThe Great Man: A commentator pays tribute to a late, not-so-great star.
10:00 PMSweet Smell of Success: An all-powerful New York gossip columnist gives a press agent some dirty work.
12:00 AMLocal Programming