26 February 2017

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11:45 PMMickey Mouse - Wish Upon a Coin; Wonders of the Deep 
12:00 AMLiv and Maddie - Repeat-a-Rooney  : Maddie teaches Joey how to act like a jock to impress a girl; Liv struggles with a project.
12:30 AMLiv and Maddie - Rate-a-Rooney  : Liv, Maddie and their friends find out that a schoolmate has been grading people based on looks.
1:00 AMBizaardvark - Unboxing  : Dirk leads the group in a truth exercise; Frankie learns that Paige has been taking MMA lessons.
1:30 AMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets True Maya  : Maya decides to do something bad in order to balance out all the good she's done recently.
2:00 AMBest Friends Whenever - A Time to Say Thank You  : Cyd wants to plan a special thank you for the Marcus family; Shelby tries to help.
2:30 AMAustin & Ally - Tracks & Troubles  : Jimmy signs his daughter, Kira, as the newest recording artist to his label.
3:00 AMAustin & Ally - Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction  : Dez buys an antique typewriter from Trish to use for a story writing competition.
3:30 AMJessie - Katch Kipling  : Mrs. Kipling's relationship with Ravi is strained once she becomes famous.
4:00 AMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in the Waterpark  : Harley's winning invention scores the Diaz family a free trip to a waterpark.
4:30 AMGood Luck Charlie - Duncan's Got Talent: Spencer agrees to do a dance routine with Teddy for the school talent show.
5:00 AMGood Luck Charlie - Kwikki Chick: When Teddy stops by PJ's work at Kwikki Chikki, she gets a job as spokes model for the restaurant.
5:30 AMElena of Avalor - A Day to Remember  : Elena learns she has the ability to see ghosts and helps the spirit of an elderly woman.
6:00 AMPJ Masks - Owlette and the Battling HQs; Gekko and the Mayhem at the Museum  : Night Ninja creates a fortress; Romeo unleashes his Big Box of Bad.
6:30 AMSofia the First - Cool Hand Fluke  : Sofia returns to Merroway Cove and reunites with her mermaid friend, Oona; she meets a mer-boy.
7:00 AMDoc McStuffins - Itty Bitty Bess Takes Flight; Boxed in  : Doc helps flamenco dancer Flora to overcome her fear of leaving her box.
7:30 AMThe Lion Guard - Too Many Termites  : The Pride Lands become infested with termites when the guard accidentally chases off the aardwolves.
8:00 AMMickey and the Roadster Racers - Guru Goofy; Bed, Breakfast and Bungled!  : Goofy teaches Donald mindfulness before the Roadster Games; Clarabelle assists the Happy Helpers.
8:30 AMMickey and the Roadster Racers - Race for the Rigatoni Ribbon!; Roaming Around Rome  : Mickey and the gang compete against Piston Pietro; a runaway meatball chases Goofy.
9:00 AMElena of Avalor - Royal Retreat  : Elena attends her first Royal Retreat as the Crown Princess and learns a valuable lesson.
9:30 AMPolly and the Zhu Zhu Pets - The Pumpkin Whisperers; Zhuper Zhide Kicks 
10:00 AMGravity Falls - Roadside Attraction  : Grunkle Stan takes the kids with him on a road trip.
10:30 AMStar vs. the Forces of Evil - Cheer up Star; Quest Buy  : Star is feeling down when she doesn't get a call from her crush; Marco summons Ludo and his army.
11:00 AMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in a Commercial  : Harley and Ethan make a TV commercial for their dad's store.
11:30 AMK.C. Undercover - Enemy of the State  : The Organization arrests Kira as an enemy; K.C. tries to prove that her mom was framed.
12:00 PMAlvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
1:35 PMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in the School Photo  : Things go awry for the Diaz kids during school picture day.
2:05 PMBunk'd - Luke Out Below  : Luke comes back to camp and tries to prove he's as responsible as the other CITs.
2:35 PMLiv and Maddie: Cali Style - Tiny House-A-Rooney  : Maddie and Willow help a homeless acquaintance; Karen gets discovered by a modeling agent.
3:05 PMBizaardvark - Paige's Birthday Is Gonna Be Great  : Frankie goes to extreme lengths to throw Paige an unforgettable birthday party.
3:30 PMK.C. Undercover - The Legend of Bad, Bad Cleo Brown  : Grandma Gayle relives how Cleo Brown became the first black woman to spy for The Organization.
4:00 PMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in a Slushy War  : A slushy war breaks out when Harley's Slushy Shack faces new competition.
4:30 PMBunk'd - Queen of Screams  : Jorge wins a dinner with his favorite horror writer, Stephanie Queen.
5:00 PMLiv and Maddie: Cali Style - Roll Model-a-Rooney  : Liv and her female ``Sing It Louder!!'' co-stars organize a woodblock derby race against the boys.
5:30 PMBizaardvark - Pretty-Con  : The annual beauty convention Pretty-Con comes to Vuuugle; Frankie and Paige hope to meet the host.
6:00 PMK.C. Undercover - Spy of the Year Awards  : The son of Tony ``The Big Toe'' Tolentino crashes the Spy of the Year Awards to avenge his father.
6:30 PMBunk'd - Food Fight  : The counselors and the CITs compete after the kids are challenged to cook dinner.
7:00 PMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in a Slushy War  : A slushy war breaks out when Harley's Slushy Shack faces new competition.
7:30 PMLiv and Maddie: Cali Style - Big Break-A-Rooney  : Joey's idol invites him to perform stand-up at a comedy club.
8:00 PMK.C. Undercover - First Friend  : K.C. goes undercover as a college student to protect Eliza, daughter of the organizations President.
8:30 PMBizaardvark - The First Law of Dirk  : Paige convinces Dirk to stop being a daredevil; Kirk thinks his brother is broken for good.
9:00 PMHigh School Musical 2: A teenager befriends members of a wealthy family while working at a country club.
10:55 PMK.C. Undercover - The Get Along Vault  : K.C. and Ernie must figure out how to put their rivalry aside so they can escape a bank vault.
11:20 PMBizaardvark - Bernie's in Charge  : When Bernie takes charge of Vuuugle, Paige and Frankie think they can do whatever they want.
11:50 PMMickey Mouse - Potatoland  : Mickey and Donald attempt to make Goofy's dream come true by building a theme park made of potatoes.