9 July 2014

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10:00 PMThe Rock: Escapee leads Navy SEALs to rebel soldiers on Alcatraz.
12:20 AMThe Erotic Traveler - Molded Image: A renowned erotic photographer takes a young woman on as her protege.
1:00 AMLingerie - Temptation: Lacey and Rick give in to temptation; Marilyn mixes business and pleasure.
1:30 AMThere's Something About Mary: A geek hires a sleazy private eye to report on a woman he has adored since high school.
3:30 AMTopless Prophet - Amateur Night 
4:00 AMTales From the Hood: Stories of racism, child abuse, police brutality and gang violence have a supernatural twist.
5:40 AMEl Gringo: A man with a suitcase full of money and a bloody past crosses into Mexico.
7:20 AMKingdom Come: Members of a dysfunctional family bicker while mourning the loss of their patriarch.
9:00 AMThe Way, Way Back: A water-park employee becomes friend and mentor to a withdrawn, fatherless boy.
10:45 AMFallen: Detectives investigate murders committed in a manner used by a recently executed serial killer.
12:50 PMThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Hobbit Bilbo Baggins joins 13 dwarves on a quest to reclaim the lost kingdom of Erebor.
3:45 PMErin Brockovich: A law clerk uncovers a water contamination cover-up.
6:00 PMJack the Giant Slayer: A young farmhand unwittingly opens a portal between his land and a world of fearsome giants.
8:00 PMThe Siege: An FBI agent, a Middle East specialist and a power-mad general try to thwart terrorists in New York.
10:00 PMThe Great Gatsby: In 1922 New York, a would-be writer moves next-door to a mysterious millionaire.
12:25 AMLocal Programming