22 September 2014

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11:00 PMConan: Actress Zooey Deschanel; actor Breckin Meyer; musician Beck.
12:00 AMThe Office - Cafe Disco: Michael brings dancing and coffee to the office; Jim and Pam plan a secret trip.
12:30 AMConan: Actress Zooey Deschanel; actor Breckin Meyer; musician Beck.
1:30 AMCougar Town - Everything Man: Jules thinks Grayson is overly attentive to his new girlfriend, Sara.
2:00 AMDomestic Disturbance: A divorced man investigates his son's murderous stepfather.
3:45 AMTBS Network Preview: A backstage peek at TBS's original programs.
4:00 AMMarried ... With Children - Master the Possibilities: Assuming they aren't liable, Al and Peggy overextend on Buck the dog's new credit card.
4:30 AMTyler Perry's Meet the Browns - Meet the Body: Brown prepares for a magazine writer who is doing an article on the house.
5:00 AMTyler Perry's Meet the Browns - Meet the Mexican: Jesus gets in trouble when he tells his father that he is a successful lawyer.
5:30 AMMarried ... With Children - The Great Escape: A grounded Kelly wants Bud to help her escape to a rock concert.
6:00 AMMarried ... With Children - Impo-Dent: Steve becomes suddenly impotent after Marcy dents his car while he is away.
6:30 AMRules of Engagement - Bros Before Nodes: Russell worries that his father won't approve of Liz; Adam meets a new friend.
7:00 AMMarried ... With Children - Just Married ... With Children: Al and Peggy appear on a game show pretending to be Steve and Marcy Rhoades.
7:30 AMMarried ... With Children - Father Lode: When Al finally wins at the racetrack, he tries to keep the money from Peggy.
8:00 AMMarried ... With Children - All in the Family: Al's quiet evening is disrupted when Peggy's strange relatives come for a visit.
8:30 AMTyler Perry's Meet the Browns - Meet the Entrepreneur: Will gets cold feet about being a father to Brianna and Joaquin.
9:00 AMTyler Perry's House of Payne - Sex, Lies and Videotapes: CJ confronts his girlfriend about her appearance in a sexy music video.
9:30 AMFull House - One Last Kiss: Jesse has second thoughts about his engagement when his old girlfriend re-enters his life.
10:00 AMCougar Town - Wake up Time: Travis' first big breakup forces Jules to come to a realization about herself.
10:30 AMThe Office - Company Picnic: Michael reunites with Holly at the annual company picnic.
11:00 AMAmerica's Funniest Home Videos: A car alarm prank; a little girl with a big vocabulary; a baseball fan catching a ball.
12:00 PMThe Cleveland Show - Das Shrimp Boot: Cleveland becomes addicted to energy supplements; pirates hold Cleveland and his family hostage.
12:30 PMThe Cleveland Show - March Dadness: Cleveland realizes Freight Train prefers Cleveland Jr.'s company; Rallo buys a sports car.
1:00 PMAmerican Dad - Dope & Faith: Stan tries to make his new atheist friend believe that God exists.
1:30 PMAmerican Dad - Big Trouble in Little Langley: Francine's adoptive parents refuse to assimilate to Stan's ways when they stop by for a visit.
2:00 PMAmerican Dad - Haylias: Stan will do anything to stop Hayley from moving to France; Steve and Roger become detectives.
2:30 PMAmerican Dad - 42-Year-Old Virgin: Stan reveals that he has never actually killed anyone; the guys help him land his first target.
3:00 PMThe King of Queens - Strike Out: The IPS strike continues and Carrie arranges a play date for Doug.
3:30 PMThe King of Queens - Class Struggle: After Carrie decides to go back to college, Doug turns to his sister (Ricki Lake) for advice.
4:00 PMFriends - The One With Phoebe's Rats: Monica invites Rachel's rival to a party; Phoebe and Mike feed a rat litter.
4:30 PMFriends - The One Where Monica Sings: Monica receives applause on karaoke night, unaware that the audience can see through her blouse.
5:00 PMFriends - The One With the Blind Dates: Joey and Phoebe conspire to send Rachel and Ross on disastrous blind dates.
5:30 PMFriends - The One With the Mugging: Joey impresses a famous actor during an audition; Ross learns mugger's identity.
6:00 PMSeinfeld - The Wizard: Jerry buys his father an electronic organizer; Kramer retires to Florida.
6:30 PMSeinfeld - The Burning: George seeks timely exits; Jerry's gal has a secret; Elaine learns Puddy is religious.
7:00 PMSeinfeld - The Bookstore: George hopes to meet women at a bookstore where Jerry spots Uncle Leo shoplifting.
7:30 PMSeinfeld - The Frogger: Elaine eats Peterman's cake; Kramer helps George steal an arcade game.
8:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Big Bran Hypothesis: Leonard volunteers to sign for a package, hoping to make a good impression on Penny.
8:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Fuzzy Boots Corollary: Unhappy that Penny is seeing someone, Leonard summons the courage to ask another woman out.
9:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Luminous Fish Effect: Getting fired gives Sheldon the opportunity to explore life beyond physics.
9:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Hamburger Postulate: Leonard, trying to get over Penny, has an unexpected encounter with a fellow scientist.
10:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Middle Earth Paradigm: Leonard, Sheldon, Wolowitz and Koothrappali attend Penny's Halloween party.
10:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Dumpling Paradox: Penny sleeps on Leonard and Sheldon's couch when Wolowitz takes over her apartment.
11:00 PMConan: Actress Kirsten Dunst; actor Ike Barinholtz.
12:00 AMLocal Programming