24 July 2016

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11:31 PMImpractical Jokers - Quantum Mock-anics  : The guys get themselves into some hairy predicaments at the beauty supply store.
12:02 AMImpractical Jokers - Clash of the Jokers  : The guys battle head-to-head in fierce Joker vs. Joker challenges.
12:32 AMImpractical Jokers - Scarytales  : The guys look for love at a singles' event; a storybook ending becomes a humiliating sob story.
1:02 AMThe Carbonaro Effect - A Living Trilobite  : Michael proves chipmunks are nature's accountants; bringing a fossilized creature to life.
1:31 AMThe Carbonaro Effect - Got the Bug Out  : Gullible co-workers believe Michael can freeze-dry animals and reanimate them.
2:01 AMThe Carbonaro Effect - Drone Care  : Michael nukes petal popping flowers and sheds light on frog mutation.
2:30 AMThe Carbonaro Effect - Sierra Volcano  : Michael performs a revolutionary skin treatment that turns back time.
3:00 AMImpractical Jokers - Enter the Dragons  : The jokers are whispering sweet nothings to grocery store patrons.
3:30 AMImpractical Jokers - Quantum Mock-anics  : The guys get themselves into some hairy predicaments at the beauty supply store.
4:00 AMNo-Fat Fried Foods - YES! Really!: The amazing new way to fry foods with NO OIL using super-heated air.
4:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:00 AMFighting Cancer: Real Stories of Healing and Hope: Inspiring stories of how Cancer Treatment Centers of America is giving patients more hope.
5:30 AM5 Makeup Tips 4 Older Women!: Airbrushed makeup made easy!
6:00 AMRed Copper - Ultra tough copper infused fry pan: Red Copper, the revolutionary non-stick ceramic cookware made of ultra-tough Copper infused ceramic!
6:30 AMFacelift in Minutes at Home: Conture, the miraculous anti-aging sytem, allows you to look younger in minutes in your home.
7:00 AMFighting Cancer: Real Stories of Healing and Hope: Inspiring stories of how Cancer Treatment Centers of America is giving patients more hope.
7:30 AMBody Beast!: Get the most advanced muscle-defining workout program, designed to get you completely ripped.
8:00 AMNo more wrinkles! Say ByeBye now and look younger!: No more wrinkles! Look younger with Bye Bye Foundation. Developed to correct and protect your skin.
8:30 AMBest Pan Ever!: Copper Chef is the non-stick, no clean up pan that serves as a roasting pan and baking dish!
9:00 AMBody Beast: Get completely ripped and chiseled in just 90 days.
9:30 AMCIZE Dance Workout!: Dance your way to a super lean, super sexy body with Shaun T's dance workout revolution, Cize!
10:00 AMFameless - To Catfish a Predator  : When a wannabe reality star tries to expose a catfish, he's the one caught on the hook.
10:30 AMFameless - Revenge Ink  : A nature lover falls prey to a ferocious prank; a cocky host crumbles live on the air.
11:00 AMFameless - Speed Trap  : A wannabe cop becomes the suspect; a rookie host gets more than he bargained for.
11:30 AMFameless - Match Maid in Heaven  : A pretty boy is left speechless when a breakup suddenly turns into a break-in.
12:00 PMFameless - Wheel of Misfortune  : A game show spins out of control, and a haggler becomes the pawn during an auction.
12:30 PMFameless - The Jumper  : A know-it-all unknowingly turns a battle of wits into a gorilla war.
1:00 PMFameless - Dead Wrong  : A wannabe reality star hosts a funeral; a cocky competitor loses control.
1:30 PMFameless - Faceless  : A wannabe reality star's 15 minutes of fame turns into a life sentence; a doctor goes rogue.
2:00 PMImpractical Jokers - Sound EffeXXX  : The guys debut uninspiring inventions to stunned focus groups and use people for pillows.
2:30 PMImpractical Jokers - Get Out of Dodge  : The friends face off as optometrists, giving financial advice and hunting for political votes.
3:00 PMImpractical Jokers - Psychotic Not-line  : The guys endure a shakedown at a discount store and test fate with the ``Wheel of Doom.''
3:30 PMImpractical Jokers - The Big Uneasy  : The guys steal sips from strangers' drinks and spin the Wheel of Voo-Doom.
4:00 PMImpractical Jokers - The Coward  : The guys show who's boss at a fast food joint, and whisper sweet nothings at a grocery store.
4:30 PMImpractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - The Blunder Years  : Go behind the scenes as the guys try to justify getting humiliated at a convenience store.
5:00 PMGreatest Ever - Greatest Sports Ever  : Amanda shares seven rules that are essential for one to have an amazing sports experience.
5:30 PMGreatest Ever - Greatest Politicians Ever  : Amanda Seales serves up the eight techniques you'll need to become a political powerhouse.
6:00 PMImpractical Jokers - The Truth Hurts  : The guys search for imaginary places, pick their own poison in the park and hunt for a house-sitter.
6:30 PMImpractical Jokers - Inside the Vault  : Sal, Joe, Murr and Q meet after the show to talk about their favorite moments during the show.
7:00 PMImpractical Jokers - Human Pinata  : The guys go head-to-head pitching wacky inventions to confused consumers.
7:30 PMImpractical Jokers - Bigger in Texas  : The guys whip up trouble teaching cowboy skills on a ranch, and forget their southern hospitality.
8:00 PMImpractical Jokers - Make Womb for Daddy  : Serving guests at a sub shop; using memory to get through a series of commands.
8:30 PMImpractical Jokers - The Good, the Bad, and the Uncomfortable  : The guys discuss ticks, tricks, and antics; the best bloopers.
9:00 PMImpractical Jokers - Puncture Perfect  : Pushing all the wrong buttons at a video game store; roping rock climbers into repeating a word.
9:30 PMImpractical Jokers - Jokers Playhouse  : The guys try to keep a straight face as the other Jokers act out bizarre scenes.
10:00 PMImpractical Jokers - Scaredy Cat  : The guys test fate with the ``Wheel of Doom''; Joe and Sal act as mall janitors; dental assistants.
10:30 PMImpractical Jokers - Tooth & Consequences  : The guys attempt to sway focus groups with fragrance campaigns that truly stink.
11:01 PMImpractical Jokers - Sweat the Small Things  : The guys paint themselves into a corner teaching an art class.
11:31 PMImpractical Jokers - Baggage Shame  : The guy's share secrets with shoppers; the guy's get creative in an art store.
12:02 AMLocal Programming