22 October 2014

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11:31 PMSouth Beach Tow - Casanova Kosgrove  : Kosgrove turns to Jerome and Bernice for dating advice; Robbie tries for one last score.
12:02 AMImpractical Jokers - Puncture Perfect  : Pushing all the wrong buttons at a video game store; roping rock climbers into repeating a word.
12:32 AMImpractical Jokers - Anniversary Edition  : Three years of embarrassing each other; bonus footage of favorite moments.
1:02 AMImpractical Jokers - Scarytales  : The guys look for love at a singles' event; a storybook ending becomes a humiliating sob story.
1:31 AMImpractical Jokers - Bonus Footage  : The most uncomfortable, most embarrassing, most humiliating and most outrageous.
2:01 AMThe Carbonaro Effect - A Waddle, a Scratch...  : Liquor store customers are convinced that some corks are made of cheese.
2:30 AMThe Carbonaro Effect - A Problem With Chocolate Turtles and Seeds  : Michael makes a shopper's face appear on a milk carton; shipping a bowling ball in a flat box.
3:00 AMSouth Beach Tow - Bernice Unleashed  : Bernice struggles to maintain order at Tremont.; Kosgrove goes on a disastrous coffee date.
3:30 AMSouth Beach Tow - Casanova Kosgrove  : Kosgrove turns to Jerome and Bernice for dating advice; Robbie tries for one last score.
4:00 AMWorld's Dumbest ... - World's Dumbest Record Breakers 2: High speed shopping cart races; epic strip poker games; worm eating contests.
5:00 AMIt Only Hurts When I Laugh: A parasailer slams into a personal watercraft; stripper pole mishaps.
5:30 AMBreaking Bald
6:00 AMNo Defrosting or Preheating: Cook healthy, hearty meals from fresh or frozen in half the time with the NuWave Oven.
6:30 AMHumana Medicare Advantage Plans: The Medicare annual election period ends on December 7. Humana Medicare Advantage plans.
7:00 AMRocket-Fueled and Ready to Clean Your Carpets!: Better Carpet Cleaning; vacuum 1/3 the cost of the competition, lighter weight, enhanced swivel.
7:30 AMCan't Sleep?: Guaranteed! The most comfortable pillow you will ever own!
8:00 AMAmerica loves Shark! Next Generation Technology for less!: Shark Rotator Lift Away - The Next Generation of Shark, No Loss of Suction, Vacuums.
8:30 AMHumana Medicare Advantage Plans: The Medicare annual election period ends on December 7. Humana Medicare Advantage plans.
9:00 AMWorld's Dumbest ... - World's Dumbest Criminals 15: Peeping Tom at a department store; art thieves; a man with a profound respect for property rights.
10:00 AMWorld's Dumbest ... - World's Dumbest Criminals 16: Bikini clad burglars; preadolescent carjacker.
11:00 AMLizard Lick Towing: Bobby is rushed to the hospital after a horrific car accident.
11:30 AMLizard Lick Towing: Cassie reveals a shocking secret to Bobby; cousin Johnny tackles a repo that goes horribly wrong.
12:00 PMLizard Lick Towing: Ronny is injured during a botched repo; Cassie schemes to bilk money from Bobby's insurance.
12:30 PMLizard Lick Towing: Bobby is accused of stealing by the mayor of Lizard Lick.
1:00 PMLizard Lick Towing: With Bobby injured, Ron is forced to have Krazy Dave help.
1:30 PMLizard Lick Towing: Bobby is upset over a photo that might show Cassie in a compromising position with another man.
2:00 PMLizard Lick Towing: The boys are in the dog house when Bobby finally confronts Cassie about her ex-husband.
2:30 PMLizard Lick Towing: Ron and Bobby hunt down an illegal bounty hunter with a violent history.
3:00 PMSouth Beach Tow - Christie's Choice  : Bernice takes an unsuspecting bus tour group on a trip through the hood.
3:30 PMSouth Beach Tow - A Tremont Wedding  : Robbie and Perez await Senior's decision about who will be Tremont's next boss.
4:00 PMSouth Beach Tow - Tremont Got Served  : Christie is faced with Tremont's biggest crisis yet; the honeymoon's over for Jerome.
4:30 PMSouth Beach Tow - Caged Heat  : Christie scrambles to raise funds to move the company to a new facility.
5:00 PMSouth Beach Tow - Bernice Goes Down  : Bernice suffers a injury; Eddie has an office blow-up; Kosgrove swallows Jerome's wedding ring.
5:30 PMSouth Beach Tow - Here Kitty  : Christie considers promoting a driver; Bernice lays the smack down on a celebrity impersonator.
6:00 PMSouth Beach Tow - Dave's Dance-Battle  : Perez butts heads with the women of Tremont; Eddie's anger management therapy takes a bizarre turn.
6:30 PMSouth Beach Tow - Bernice's Revenge  : Bernice drags her coworkers on a vengeful repo road trip; Robbie loses Kosgrove's beloved dog.
7:00 PMSouth Beach Tow - The Incredible Journey  : Bernice and her crew scramble to locate their missing tow truck.
7:30 PMSouth Beach Tow - Roommates  : Robbie's illicit repo deal may lead to an unlikely partnership.
8:00 PMSouth Beach Tow - Pulling the Plug  : Jerome loses track of Mini-Money during a chaotic tow; a shocking accident befalls Kosgrove.
8:30 PMSouth Beach Tow - A Taste of Bernice  : Bernice is forced to stage a marathon dinner party for Inspector Santiago.
9:00 PMSouth Beach Tow - Maximum Power  : Bernice considers an unethical offer to upgrade her food truck.
9:30 PMSouth Beach Tow
10:00 PMSouth Beach Tow - The Hurricane  : An RV tow leaves a couple mad; Bernice gets jumped by her co-workers.
10:30 PMSouth Beach Tow - Unlicensed to Drive  : Eddie is approached by a nasty rich girl with a pink BMW and a secret.
11:01 PMSouth Beach Tow - Flipping Out  : Bernice loses it on a wannabe rapper; Jerome plays hero to a distraught young woman.
11:31 PMSouth Beach Tow - Legend of the Swamp Ape  : Perez forces Kosgrove to pose as a mythical swamp beast, with disastrous consequences.
12:02 AMLocal Programming