23 July 2016

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11:45 PMThe Ambassador's Daughter: A GI falls for a U.S. ambassador's daughter who fights a senator's plan to make Paris off limits.
1:45 AMHold Back the Dawn: A Romanian gigolo exits Mexico by marrying a U.S. teacher on a field trip.
4:00 AMThe Strawberry Blonde: An ex-convict dentist recalls his wife and another man's wife, in circa-1900 New York.
6:00 AMMy Love Came Back: A New York student violinist falls in love with her anonymous benefactor's business manager.
7:30 AMThank Your Lucky Stars: Hollywood tour-bus guide joins Warner Bros. all-star revue.
9:45 AMFour's a Crowd: PR man eyes newswoman and tycoon's daughter.
11:30 AMMGM Parade: Dore Schary; Richard Brooks; host George Murphy.
12:00 PMThe World, the Flesh and the Devil: A man, a woman and a bigot roam the city of New York, deserted after a nuclear war.
1:45 PMDr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb: President Muffley and his advisers man the Pentagon war room, as bombs head toward Moscow.
3:30 PMTora! Tora! Tora!: The December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor is re-created from U.S. and Japanese viewpoints.
6:15 PMBack to Bataan: A U.S. colonel and a Filipino captain lead guerrilla raids on the Japanese.
8:00 PMHobson's Choice: The daughter of a pompous bootmaker marries his best worker out of spite in 1890s London.
10:00 PMThe Entertainer: British song-and-dance man Archie knows he's a failure, and so does his alcoholic wife.
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