26 May 2015

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11:00 PMLockup Tampa - Extended Stay - High Profile  : An accused murderer tries cash in on her notoriety; a convicted rapist loses his cool in court.
12:00 AMLockup Tampa - Extended Stay - Mother Knows Best?  : A taste of Tampa behind bars.
1:00 AMLockup Tampa - Extended Stay - You Feel Me?  : Inside Tampa's Hillsborough County Jail.
2:00 AMLockup: Indiana - Extended Stay - ``Old School'' Convicts: A stabbing puts the prison on high alert; a brash new inmate gets taken down a notch.
3:00 AMCaught on Camera - Dash Cam Diaries 8  : In the most intense and high-risk situations, police must rely on training and instinct.
4:00 AMCaught on Camera - In a Split Second  : Events that happen in the blink of an eye.
5:00 AMFirst Look: The day's live news coverage.
5:30 AMFirst Look: The day's live news coverage.
6:00 AMMorning Joe: Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski & Willie Geist offering interviews with newsmakers and politicians.
7:00 AMMSNBC Live: Live news coverage, breaking news and current news events.
12:00 PMCaught on Camera - Dash Cam Diaries 8  : In the most intense and high-risk situations, police must rely on training and instinct.
1:00 PMCaught on Camera - Fight or Flight  : An explosion rocks a small town; a frightening jewelry store exchange; a bike ride turns dangerous.
2:00 PMCaught on Camera - Brave 
3:00 PMCaught on Camera - High Velocity  : Cameras capture those who put their lives at risk to satisfy their need for speed.
4:00 PMLocked Up Abroad - Dangerous Liaisons  : A British gay nurse is arrested in Saudi Arabia where homosexuality is punishable by execution.
5:00 PMLocked Up Abroad - Wine, Whiskey and Waylaid  : Scottish chef Gordon Malloch embarks on a lucrative sideline as a bootlegger in Saudi Arabia.
6:00 PMLocked Up Abroad - Black Palace of Horrors  : A man busted for smuggling attempts a daring escape from one of Mexico's most notorious prisons.
7:00 PMLocked Up Abroad - Trouble in the Jungle  : A young American backpacker and his companions are taken hostage by guerrilla soldiers in Colombia.
8:00 PMLockup - Cincinnati: Extended Stay - Snitch-innati: Stash of contraband found; couple charged with robbery and murder.
9:00 PMLockup - Cincinnati: Extended Stay - Sucker Punch: An inmate is assaulted; a young inmate gets a crash course on surviving in jail.
10:00 PMLockup - Cincinnati: Extended Stay - Message in a Bottle: An assault leads to a bloody inmate; inmate makes a daring escape; another decides to make a change.
11:00 PMLockup - Cincinnati: Extended Stay - Killing Clouds: An online post leads to the arrest of a Dodgers fan at a Reds game.
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