18 December 2014

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10:30 PMQueen of the Damned: The vampire Lestat unites with a female counterpart.
1:00 AMLiving Single - Just Friends?: Khadijah fears a night of passion may damage a childhood friendship.
1:30 AMLiving Single - The Naked Truth: Overton moves in with the girls after a fight with Kyle, but begins to drive them crazy.
2:00 AMLiving Single - Play Ball: The Flavor Unit staff decides to strike after becoming fed up with malfunctioning office equipment.
2:30 AMLiving Single - Ride the Maverick: Max fights her opponent's smear tactics; Khadijah faces a libel suit.
3:00 AMLiving Single - Not Quite Mr. Right: Regine reconsiders her relationship with Keith and dines with Russell.
3:30 AMLiving Single - Not So Silent Partners: Khadijah sells part of the magazine to a publishing conglomerate.
4:00 AMThe A-List: New York - Porn and Prejudice: Rodiney considers taking legal action against Austin; Austin's nude photo shoot.
5:00 AMThe A-List: New York - Bestie Break-up: Austin confronts his friends and throws a cocktail party to prove he's not an embarrassing drunk.
6:00 AMThe A-List: New York - Unholy Alliances: Derek and Austin's friendship falls apart; Derek tries to teach Austin a lesson.
7:00 AMThe A-List: New York - Cattiness on the Catwalk: The drama continues in New York.
8:00 AMThe A-List: New York - Wig Parties and Threesomes: Insults are flying.
9:00 AMThe A-List: New York - Hampton Hellraising: No ones feelings are spared.
10:00 AMDesigning Women - The Fur Flies: Modeling a fur, Suzanne gets into a row with animal-rights activists.
10:30 AMDesigning Women - Oh, What a Feeling: The ladies are forced to negotiate with a crafty car dealer for a new delivery van.
11:00 AMDesigning Women - Anthony and Vanessa: In an effort to win Anthony, Vanessa (Olivia Brown) asks Suzanne for a total make-over.
11:30 AMDesigning Women - Payne Grows Up: Julia realizes she is getting older when her son announces that he is going to be a father.
12:00 PMDesigning Women - Tornado Watch: An odd group of people is trapped inside Sugarbakers during a severe tornado watch.
12:30 PMDesigning Women - Tough Enough: The ladies vie with an all-male firm for a sports club's account.
1:00 PMDesigning Women - It's a Wonderful Life: Charlene, suffering from postpartum depression, is convinced that Bill is having an affair.
1:30 PMDesigning Women - Foreign Affairs: Anthony is persuaded to impersonate Suzanne's maid to keep her from being deported.
2:00 PMRoseanne - Promises, Promises: Darlene and David go to the prom; Dan and a pal plan a venture.
2:30 PMRoseanne - Glengarry, Glen Rosey: Roseanne and Dan fear a financial crisis when they cannot sell the house they refurbished.
3:00 PMRoseanne - Tooth or Consequences: Roseanne's dental problems bring Dan to the realization that he needs a steady job.
3:30 PMRoseanne - Daughters and Other Strangers: Roseanne worries that Darlene may be planning to run away from home.
4:00 PMLiving Single - Thanks for Giving: Dates don't get along with others during Thanksgiving dinner; guests Heavy D; Deion Sanders.
4:30 PMLiving Single - A Hair-Razing Experience: Kyle's promotion may hinge on a more conservative haircut.
5:00 PMLiving Single - Play Ball: The Flavor Unit staff decides to strike after becoming fed up with malfunctioning office equipment.
5:30 PMLiving Single - Legal Briefs: Things heat up for Maxine when she finds out her new boss is her former boyfriend.
6:00 PMLiving Single - If the Crew Fits: Regine and Darryl second-guess their relationship after she fails to hit it off with his friends.
6:30 PMLiving Single - Space Invaders: Synclaire's omnipresence in Overton's apartment annoys Kyle.
7:00 PMLiving Single - Another Saturday Night: Overton, Khadijah and Synclaire seek revenge on a pool shark.
7:30 PMLiving Single - Who's Scooping Who: Khadijah covers a boxing scandal; Maxine helps Regine sue a former beau.
8:00 PMWill & Grace - Between a Rock and Harlin's Place: Grace gets carried away with a cowboy theme when she decorates Harlin's apartment.
8:30 PMWill & Grace - The Buying Game: Grace asks for Will's advice when she decides to buy her office space.
9:00 PMWill & Grace - The Truth About Will and Dogs: Will develops a dog obsession after Grace brings home a puppy, forcing her to take action.
9:30 PMWill & Grace - The Big Vent: Grace and Will eavesdrop on a real-life soap opera in the neighbors' apartment.
10:00 PMThe Golden Girls - There Goes the Bride: When Dorothy plans to remarry Stan (Herb Edelman), Sophia threatens to cut her off from the family.
10:30 PMThe Golden Girls - There Goes the Bride: While Dorothy makes wedding arrangements, the others interview potential housemate Truby.
11:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Older and Wiser: Sophia throws herself into her job as recreational director at a retirement home.
11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Melodrama: Rose auditions for a TV reporter job; Blanche seeks a commitment from a lukewarm beau (Alan King).